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Weight Loss Snacks For Women

Weight Loss Snacks For Women

Just like our shakes, The Lady Shake's weight-loss snacks are tailor-made for amazing women like yourself!

Whether you need a boost of protein before the rush of school pickup or a guilt-free afternoon treat at work that won't blow through your calorie budget—The Lady Bar is the delicious, wholesome snack you've been searching for!

Let’s be real — losing weight can be tough, but our products are here to lighten your mental load. The Lady Shake program takes the guesswork out of dieting, empowering you to achieve your goals—all while still enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine in the evening as a bonus.

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A Sweet Treat That's a Great Source of Protein

When you sense that afternoon slump approaching and the chocolate aisle beckons, save yourself from a sugar crash with a healthy alternative like The Lady Bar!
With 16 grams of protein per bar, this delicious little pocket rocket is the perfect snack—a fantastic solution to tame those sugar cravings and give you an added energy boost throughout the day.

Featuring a nougat base infused with The Lady Shake's whey powder protein blend and delectable, chewy chunks—this delightful, low-calorie snack is about to become your essential diet companion.

With delicious snack bars in tempting flavours like choc peanut butter, choc hazelnut, choc berry, chunky choc, rocky road and choc mint—you'll relish in the fact that indulging in a nutritious snack feels like a thoroughly deserved treat!

Weight Loss Snacks - FAQ

What are the best healthy snack options for weight loss?

Healthy, balanced snacks for weight loss should provide key nutritional components to help you feel full, satisfied, and energised while supporting your weight loss goals.
Low-calorie, low-sugar options are also ideal for those trying to remain in a calorie deficit. With only 2.7 grams of sugar and rounding out at 170 calories per serving, The Lady Bar is your right-hand gal when trying to stay on track!

What role does extra protein play in curbing hunger and aiding weight loss?

Protein snacks help keep you full and satisfied for longer, curbing hunger and reducing your intake of extra calories. It also aids in repairing and growing muscle tissue, which can boost your metabolism. Each Lady bar is packed with 16 grams of protein—the same quality whey protein powder blend found in our shakes.

The hunger-busting protein boost you need is just one click away!

How can whey protein benefit your weight loss journey?

Whey protein is beneficial for weight loss as it is rich in essential amino acids that support muscle growth and metabolism. It's easily digested and absorbed, making it an ideal choice for those looking to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Lady Bars contain nearly 15 grams of protein, the same premium whey blend found in our Lady Shakes. They provide a convenient and low-calorie snack option while helping to satisfy cravings and support weight loss goals.

Is dietary fibre essential in my snack for weight loss?

Dietary fibre helps you feel full and satisfied, reducing cravings and preventing overeating. 

Not only are they a tasty snack—our energy bars contain approximately 10.6 grams of natural prebiotic fibre, giving them a satisfying texture and helping to curb cravings to encourage weight loss.

Why is healthy snacking important for weight loss success?

Incorporating healthy snack foods like The Lady Bar into your diet can have amazing health benefits, aiding your weight loss in the long run. First and foremost, it will help keep your blood sugar levels steady, stopping you from feeling starving and overeating later in the day.

Our healthy snacks for weight loss are a powerful, pocket-sized weight management ally. With a high protein and fibre content that helps keep you full and energised and satisfies your sweet tooth, you can't go wrong. 

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