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Nishil Thought It Was "Too Good To Be True" Until He Lost 36kgs


My name is Nishil, I am from Sydney, NSW & this is my Man Shake journey so far.

Back in January 2023, I weighed in at my heaviest 123.0kg when I re-joined the gym. I was breathing heavily, getting tired and feeling lazy all the time. I didn’t like how I looked, I didn’t like my lifestyle, I was moving slowly & I couldn’t do the things I once could do, referee football in the winter & play cricket in the summer. So, I decided to re-join the gym.
However, joining the gym isn’t the sole way to lose weight. You must also change your diet as well & I wanted to lose weight quickly. A good friend of mine who works at the gym suggested Man Shake as a meal replacement with water. I was advised that it is low in calories & high in protein. I bought my first box from the supermarket in January & never looked back.
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“I have never been ‘this’ fit ever in my life”

I initially had my doubts as it looked “too good to be true,” however within weeks I was dropping weight so quickly I could not believe the numbers I was seeing on the scales. By December 2023, I weighed in at 84.2kg, taking my net loss for 2023 to 38.8kg in one calendar year.
My target goal was to lose 1kg per month, I ended up annihilating that & tripled that (plus more). I am so much more active & I am always challenging myself to do things I never could do before. I have been able to run 11.59km in an hour on the treadmill & I climbed Alpe d’Huez in 1 hour & 18 minutes (the famous mountain stage finish used in the Tour de France). I enjoy smashing goals & personal records in the gym.

I have not weighed 84kg in almost 9 years but most importantly, I have never been ‘this’ fit ever in my life.
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If you were to ask me what my favourite flavour of The Man Shake is, unfortunately, I’m not able to give you an answer.
For my journey, I have been using the 14-mix bundle pack available at the major supermarkets. By having the variety I’ve become accustomed to the great range of choices. But if I had to I would likely say Strawberry, Banana, followed by Vanilla (have it with ½ milk & ½ water – tastes like a milkshake!).

Incredible! It’s the only word I can use to explain how I feel after my Man Shake journey. Even though I have achieved all my goals for the year, I do not want to cease buying this product. I love it!
I like the person I have become & I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

I’ll leave you with this piece of advice – “The only easy day was yesterday”.
Just give it a go!
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