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Santa's incredible weight loss journey before Christmas!


Ho ho ho! I’m Nick from The North Pole and this is how I lost 25kgs using The Man Shake.

As long as I can recall I have struggled with my weight but it hasn’t always been that way. Back in my younger years, I think it was around the 1200s, that I was known for being tall and thin. It was a different time. My diet was much simpler too. It was a lot of meats (mostly game and fish), cheeses, fruits and vegetables. My workload was nowhere near as intense as well. There were fewer houses at the time so I could have more downtime and be more physically active outside of the holiday season.

It was around about that time when I got my sainthood, you know the old Saint Nicholas thing, which is an amazing honour to receive for all my youth and charity work but it also came with an exponential level of stress. Each year I felt compelled to do more and more. I never handled and processed the stress correctly. I would just push through until I was exhausted, even forgetting to eat some days. But when I would eat, and by God would I binge eat? Whatever was there I was going to put it in my face! To make matters worse, the pressure kept growing…

Everyone has heard it – “He had a broad face and a round little belly, that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly”. Being a bigger guy had somehow become my brand! I couldn’t escape it. I’m seeing these drawings and pictures of me all across the world. Billboards, TV ads, movies, everywhere. Even down to my “rosy, red cheeks” that come from this health condition I have which, you guessed it, makes me gain weight easily.

before and after santa 2.webp

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been very successful with this image of me being out there. Look at Coca-Cola as an example. I am a key part of their back-of-the-year marketing campaign. This also means they freight so much of the soft drink up to my place all year round. Sounds great right? Not so much. With the long shifts in the Toy Factory, and my forgetting to eat, I would find myself drinking litres of the stuff. I would hate to count how much sugar I was drinking. But it would just keep coming.

So, I had this unreasonably high sugar diet going on and then Christmas day rolls around… and I’m rolling with it!

It is truly lovely when all the amazing children of the world leave out these incredible treats for me on Christmas Eve. I can never thank them all enough for their kindness but, even if I’m only taking small bites, by the end of my delivery I would be consuming literally tens of thousands of calories. Do you think your afternoon of pav, pud, and choccies puts you in a sugar coma? I am out cold until early Jan, easy.

After centuries of living like this, I knew something had to change. I was lost, unhappy, and had no idea where to find the help I needed. But my amazing wife, Martha, spotted something while watching her stories.

before and after santa 3.webp

She spotted this one fellow in an advertisement. A rounder gentleman with a glorious beard dancing around a warehouse of some sort. “This looks a lot like my Nick!” she later told me. And she was right! I too have a fantastic beard and am constantly dancing around the factory. It was the perfect match and got my foot in the door with The Man Shake.

How Santa started off with The Man Shake

My first order was Cookies & Cream (of course) and I was blown away! It was amazing. Each sip tasted like Christmas night… but thankfully nowhere near the same number of calories.

I also tried The Man Bar as well. Chunky Choc was an instant classic but the new Rocky Road is something else. Knowing that I would find myself relying on that sugar rush to get me through Christmas, I wanted to try something different to keep me going through the shift. This is where the new The Man Shake GO! shakes are going to be a life changer.

We even did The Man Challenge recently. I said we as I got the entire factory on board. Thanks to hauling massive sacks of toys around I have a surprising amount of upper body strength, but Adam’s exercises really helped me regain my flexibility and cardio strength.

I’ve been having The Man Shake for a while now and I’ve been able to move some weight, which has been fantastic. I feel like a whole new man. I’m finding it easier to get in and out of the sleigh, I can put my boots on without having to hold my breath, and I’ve even had to ask the elves to help resize my coat and trousers.

santa drinking the man shake.webp

On top of that, chimneys are not what they used to be. They are smaller than ever and I hope to never need the reindeer to yank me out again like I was some sort of festive Winnie the Pooh. I don’t really have a goal weight or anything in mind. I’m comfortable knowing that I won’t ever get back to my thinnest and fittest but that’s ok. I’m getting up there in age and my body can’t do what it used to but, thanks to The Man Shake, I have been able to ensure that this isn’t my Last Christmas.

But what does this mean for Chrissie Day I hear you ask. Well, that’s easy. I’m about to have the best Treat meal of my entire life and when I get back to the North Pole there is an eggnog waiting for me (I’m not a beer drinker but I can see how the slogan of “Losing the weight without losing all the eggnog” isn’t quite as catchy).

An early gift from Santa!

If I could share any advice it would be to give it a go. There are so many people out there who love you, care for you, and want you to be healthy, and well, and that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you. This season is a time for what is truly important – family and friends. Don’t be worried about your plate on December 25th. You have been good all year, I’ve seen it. Be a little naughty and treat yourself. Just remember to get back on the sleigh afterwards.