1. Still hungry after your meals


Protein has been shown to assist in ensuring that you feel satisfied and full after a meal. In particular if you have protein as part of your breakfast meal, it is shown to reduce calories consumed later in the day, improve blood sugar and insulin levels and increase the energy burned. The Man Shake contains 28grams of protein per serve, It packs all the protein you need to get your day started and your body fuelled.



  1. Tired and lazy

Protein does a great job of regulating the body’s blood sugar levels, when you are depriving your body of protein your glucose levels fluctuate which can lead to being tired and irritable. Pack some protein into your meals and you should feel the difference in your energy levels.


  1. Slow recovery after exercise

Most people know that following exercise it is important to consume protein to repair the muscles after exercise. If you don’t consume regular sufficient amounts of protein in the 12 hour that follow exercise it can increase your risk of muscle aches and soreness. Keep up the protein to get you back in the gym in no time.


  1. Join and muscle pain


Muscle weakness, or loss of muscle may be a sign your muscles are breaking down to supplement calories instead of using the protein you eat to build muscles, tissues and cells.