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Dorian lost 60kg to set an example for his three kids


Hey there. I’m Dorian and this is how I lost 60 kgs with The Man Shake.

I am a father of three. Back in October 2022, I started to notice my kids would copy anything and everything I would say. I was confronted with a self-revelation – the example I was setting was not good enough. I needed to be better and improve myself for them.

I began my journey at 154.5kgs

Very quickly I realised that I had a lot of learning to do. I started with two shakes per day, one for breakfast and the other for lunch. Starting my day with The Man Shake is probably one of the biggest wins. Previously I would have the bad habit of skipping breakfast and then being incredibly hungry come mid-morning.

It would go one of two ways – hold off until lunchtime and have a massive lunch, or have a late power break breakfast with my normal lunch shortly after. You can imagine how essentially having two lunches could be a problem. 

I also had to begin thinking about dinner differently. What should I be eating? How much is too much? I had no idea! Thankfully, around this time The Man Challenge had just started and was able to load up with many great meal ideas. To make it even better my wife, who certainly did not need to lose any weight, got in on it too. Together we learned how to eat better and make healthier choices when it came to our food. This in turn has started being passed on to our children... exactly what I set out to do. 

I started seeing results and it only spurred me on! During the early stages of my journey, I wasn’t exercising but I considered that all the hard work I was putting in with my diet could be amplified by getting more active. This also gave me a great opportunity to be an even better example to my kids. I began walking, then that became jogging, then running. I just kept going and going. I even hit a point where I needed a lot more calories each day to keep my fuelled but the shakes always stayed in my rotation.

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Losing weight enabled me to change my entire lifestyle

Even after hitting my goal weight, the shakes aren’t going anywhere! I was able to change my entire lifestyle and by May 2023 I was sitting at 94.4kgs. I had no idea that I would enjoy being active so much. Now I enjoy my Saturday park runs, tally upwards of 50kms per week, and have completed 5 half marathons, a 30k Trail Race, and the Sydney Marathon. I even have a triathlon booked for November 2023 and have set my sights on finishing a marathon in less than 4 hours.

My go-to bundle is the Buy 3 Get 1 Free with Banana, Strawberry, and two Coffee. I love adding a little extra to them as well. Whether it be a banana, some strawberries, or a shot of coffee respectively it gives it an extra flavour kick while loading me up with fruity goodness. I also added the Choc Super Greens to the Banana and Strawberry. We even use the Choc Super Greens with the kids. As far as they know it's just a choccy milk, jokes on them it’s full of veggies!

Since using The Man Shake everything just feels better. Fantastic even! Aside from looking better, the weight loss has improved my hair, skin, nails, you name it. I’m finding myself getting sick less often and when I do, I heal and repair faster. Mentally I am better too. I now have a better understanding of my body, what it can do, and how to refuel it effectively.

I encourage anyone to give it a go. But not just a regular go, a REAL go. Stick to it and don’t give it up. The results won’t come instantly. Don’t just give it two weeks. Give it a month to really lock in the routine and see the changes. Find what works best for you. Whether it be running, tennis, or golf, do whatever you can to get up and move without it feeling too hard. If you enjoy it you are more likely to stick with it. Give the shake a real go and find something to do that you enjoy.

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