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The Most Inspiring Transformations of 2023!

Weight loss


For many of us, 2023 feels like the saying “one step forward, two steps back”.
The hangover of the last couple of years has been causing havoc on the world around us.
But rather than dwell on the bad, let’s spotlight some of our Man Shakers who have stepped up and changed their world for the better.

David Lost 40kgs

David had one goal in mind – to be under 100kgs for his wedding.
With a starting weight of 130kgs and an unsuccessful history of fad diets, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he had the burning desire to start his marriage as the best version of himself.
Then the day came around… but standing at the altar was a 90kg David looking incredible in his tuxedo and ready to take the next step.

Nick Lost 25kgs

After being denied on a water slide, at 6 foot 6 inches and just shy of 160kgs, Nick began his weight loss journey in secret.
Annie, his mother, wasn’t convinced in the beginning. With Nick’s ASD she was concerned about potential sensory challenges, but he happily proved her wrong! In just 18 days and fuelled solely by the chocolate flavour, Nick had dropped 5kgs and left Annie having to eat her own words.

The weight continued to drop off Nick, he became open to trying other flavours, he began exercising, and Annie was seeing a newer version of her son.
Since dropping the weight Nick’s confidence has skyrocketed and is now quite the socialite in the sporting circle. He is now regularly attending social events and has been seen rubbing shoulders with Sydney’s AFL and AFLW teams with everybody knowing him by name. For Annie, this is even more amazing as he is attending these events by himself without assistance from his support workers. She stated that this simply was not possible with the old Nick.

George Lost 60kgs

George and his wife of 14 years, Alyssa, had fallen into a self-proclaimed “unhealthy lifestyle” but that all changed when they heard The Man Shake podcast. They heard the hosts discuss how it had been successful for them and that it sounded like it could be realistic and an achievable change for them both.
Well, in just over 12 months George lost 60.4kgs and Aylssa lost 34kgs. With close to 100kgs dropped between them, the pair are unquestionably our most inspiring couple of 2023.

Anthony Lost 20kgs

Like many of us, Anthony has never been a skinny guy. But after getting married and having 2 children, along with a new career at in an office, he stopped playing sports and spent less time being active. When he turned 30, Jake noticed he had put on a few extra kgs so he decided to start The Man Shake.
His first go lasted about 3 months but he saw some results, however, he quickly fell off. It wasn’t until he saw a photo of himself after he went mountain biking that it finally hit home. What he saw was an unrecognisable, 135kg, puffed-out and tired man.
Since then Jake has dropped 20kgs by breaking his bad habits and has inspired his son to do more and to focus on what it means to be committed to something.
large_before and after anthony 2.webp

Matt Lost 93kgs

With the scales tipping at 186kgs, Matt knew something had to change. With a body in pain and severe sleep apnoea, he had been chatting to his doctor about his options. Weight loss surgery was on the table, so to speak, but he wasn’t willing to give up certain foods.
While sitting at a pub enjoying said food, he began chatting with a local who mentioned he saw a mate recently he “almost didn’t recognise” due to his weight loss from The Man Shake. In that chat the idea was born.
10 months later Matt had lost 93kgs. He had literally halved himself!

Adrian Shakes Again

We first heard about Adrian back in 2021 when he shared his incredible 18-month transformation where he went from 245kgs to 91.8kgs.
However, July 2023 rolled around, and he found himself looking at 178.5kgs on the scales. Regaining kilos after a weight loss journey is an all too common occurrence, so Adrian said “enough was enough… again!”.

With a new understanding of what he could achieve, the reflection of what went wrong, and the support from The Man Shakers community group, he set out to move the scales back in the right direction.
We reached out to Adrian and he said that for his final weigh-in of 2023 he is sitting at 128.1kgs. An amazing 50.4kgs dropped in 6 months. A true inspiration!