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The biggest weight loss transformation ever! Adrian lost 150kg


My name is Adrian I am 46 years old and I live on the South Coast of NSW.

For as long as I can remember I have had high blood pressure, my cholesterol was high and I was diabetic for over 10 years and in October 2020 I weighed in at 245kg.

I had many issues with being that size, from trying to buy clothes and having to order 13XL, to the car seatbelt only just stretching far enough, to only just fitting through the door of the shower.

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"I knew it was time to change."

Mowing the lawn which is a 10-minute job ( I have a small yard) took me 30 minutes due to being out of breath. I have been unemployed for over 10 years due to my health.

Every time I saw the Doctor he said I was a heart attack waiting to happen, but I was in denial. I knew it was time to change.

I saw an ad for The Man Shake and after doing a little research I decided to place my first order and on the 22nd October 2020 armed with The Ultimate Weight Loss Pack my journey to a healthier life began.

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"I knew I could do it - I just needed some tips"

My head was in the right place to get it done, I was 100% focused, I knew I could do it, all I needed was some tips and I found that along the way with the help of those that have taken this journey before me.

I found a new doctor to assist me with reducing my medications as the weight dropped and to help track my weight each month. I started walking to assist with the weight loss and improve my fitness. Over time I started walking more and more.

After 13 months of using The Man Shake, tracking my calories and walking I have lost 150kg. I am no longer a diabetic, my blood pressure is normal and I am no longer taking any medications.

I still have a few kilos to lose but with what I have learned I know I can easily reach my goal, and then control my weight and never get to that weight ever again. And it all started from placing that first order of Man Shakes.

I highly recommend The Man Shakes as a weight-loss tool.
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