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Matt Lost 93kgs After A Chat At The Pub


Hi, my name is Matthew. I’m from New South Wales and my Man Shake journey all began at a pub.

I was chatting with a local and the subject of losing weight came up. He told me that he saw an old mate in town a couple of months back and almost didn’t recognise him. He asked how he lost so much weight and he said, “The Man Shake”.

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I have been suffering from sore and severe sleep apnoea. So much so that I had been to the doctor a couple of weeks before this chat and I had been recommended to consider weight loss surgery. I had seen positive results from people I work with who have had the operation but I wasn't all that keen on giving up a good pub feed.

After the conversation, I needed to be honest with myself. I was sitting at 186kg and needed to do something. I had tried dieting but after one bad day, I would end up chucking in the towel. I needed to take it seriously. I needed a routine and one that I could stick to.

This is where I figured The Man Shake could do the job.
Two shakes a day seemed pretty simple and I loved the “lose the beer gut without losing all the beers” slogan. It was a good reminder that I didn’t have to punish myself and give up everything I enjoyed.

A couple of days later I went into Woolies and grabbed a Variety Pack. I found the individual packets handy and convenient for keeping in the shaker. It also saved me from getting flavour fatigue by making it able to switch it up for each meal.
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I stepped on the scales to get my starting weight then started with one shake for breakfast, a piece of fruit for morning tea, another shake for lunch, a man bar for an afternoon snack, and a healthy dinner.

After the first month, I stepped back on the scales and I had gone from 186kg to 175kg. From here I was hooked! I wanted to see how far I could push myself.

The routine had been laid down and it was paying off.
I also started walking regularly and turned my spare room into a gym room while tracking my weight loss weekly.
I decided instead of having a cheat day once a week I would reward myself with a restaurant dinner with the missus for every 10kg I dropped with a goal to "get under the tonne" (100kg) and used that as my motivation.
Sticking with that routine after 10 months I had dropped to 93kg.
I am now at maintenance and have set my maintenance as the "under the tonne" goal I set when I started my journey.
A lot of people ask me if I had surgery to lose weight and I LOVE seeing their reactions when I did it using The Man Shake.

To anyone who is starting out, I can tell you The Man Shake works.
If you are willing to work with it and make it part of your daily routine. You can still enjoy the occasional indulgence as long as the next day you get back to the two shake routine. 

I understand that I am lucky my body responded so well to the change. After seeing the results my wife started on The Lady Shakes. She followed her own routine and lost 30kg in 12 months. She hasn't seen results as quickly as I have but she has still had amazing results all the same.
I can't emphasize enough - think about a healthy routine you can stick to that can incorporate two shakes a day and results will follow.

Thanks to Adam “Mad Dog” MacDougall for changing my life.