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How to Recharge & Refresh Your Brain

Health hacks


One of the problems with our busy, hectic lifestyles and the prevalence of technology is that our minds are getting smashed with information 24/7. We're constantly checking our phones, thinking about the next thing we have to do, going over thoughts and worries - basically overworking our brains and loading our bodies up with tension so that we end up depressed and anxious.

The good news is, by being mindful of what you are doing in the moment you can slow down your brain and your body so they can recharge and refresh. It's like driving a car: the reason the windscreen is so big and the rear-vision mirror is so small is that in life we should be looking at what's happening now, not getting stuck looking back or worrying about what's around the corner.

Staying mindful and present comes down to practice

Anyone can sit on a mountain and be relaxed when the sun's beaming down, but as soon as you get back into your real life, where the kids are screaming, your wife's not happy with you, your boss is on your back, then the ability to be mindful can make all the difference to your mental health.

So, as in all things, start with something simple. Spend a few minutes concentrating on your breathing, go outside and soak up some sunshine, or take five to do something creative.

You can introduce mindfulness by trying these five easy tips.

  1. Don't watch TV or play with your phone while eating, concentrate on the food.
  2. When you shower consider the feeling and movement of your body, temperature and feel of the water.
  3. Turn the radio off when driving and be aware of the sounds of the traffic. Take deep breaths when stopped at lights.
  4. When walking, feel the breeze on your face, the sounds around you and the impact of your footsteps.
  5. When working at a computer take deep, deliberate breaths, and listen to the sound and feeling of your hands on the keyboard.