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Pesto Scrambled Eggs by Dan & Steph



ServesPrep. Time
130 mins

Pesto Scramble with feta.

Want a simple and delicious winter dish to hit all the right spots?

Dan & Steph from MKR has whipped up this quick recipe that you can make in no time!

1-2 tsp of pesto (jarred pesto’s are great, cheap & pretty good to use) 3 free-range eggs 1 tbs of water or milk 1 tbs of olive oil pinch of salt & pepper Spray oil ½ avocado, to serve a handful of baby spinach leaves to serve 2 tbs of crumbled danish feta, to serve The cheek of a lemon, to serve

Method: 1.     In a small fry pan, heat oil over high heat, spray with oil 2.     In a small bowl whisk together eggs, pesto & water/milk 3.     Pour into a hot pan 4.     Continue to pull the edges of the egg in the pan to the middle – move the egg around quickly 5.     Season with a sprinkle of salt 6.     Take off heat when you start to see all the egg cooking – try not to overcook your scrambled eggs so they will stay fluffy & not rubbery 7.     Slice up avocado 8.     Serve with a handful of spinach, feta & sliced avocado 9.     Squeeze with some lemon juice