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Zeth Dropped 20kg And Feels Like A Different Man


My name is Zeth, I'm 22 and I'm from Ballajura in Western Australia. I started The Man Shake on the 30th of June 2020 weighing in at 99.6kgs. It has been 10 weeks since I've started and since then I've lost 20kgs!

When I was young I was always quite skinny. But that all changed when my partner and I had our first child. I became extremely anxious due to financial stress and turned to food and alcohol as a coping mechanism.

As the years went by I got a job and money wasn't an issue anymore. But the need to overeat and drink still remained. I stayed like this for 3 years.

Although I knew I was being unhealthy it wasn't until January of 2020 when I had enough and decided to do something about it. I was nearing 100kgs and didn't have the energy to keep up with my son. I could feel myself getting more lethargic and heavier every day. I knew I had to do something about it.

I tried a few ways to lose weight but nothing stuck longer than a week. I tried to lose weight by eating healthier but I found it too time-consuming. I would cheat on my diet because it was easier than cooking and preparing all my meals. I ended up just falling back into my poor diet and drinking more beer than ever before.

That's when I saw a Man Shake ad pop up on my YouTube. After seeing it a couple of times I started to look into it and found the Manshake Men group on Facebook. After looking at all the Before and Afters I decided to give it a go and haven't looked back since!

After the first 2 weeks, I had lost 8 kgs! I started caring about what I was eating and how it would affect my body I could feel myself becoming more energetic and I could see a huge difference in the way I looked!

The best part about The Man Shake for me is the simplicity! I just premake a couple shakes and drink them while I'm at work or on-the-go The shakes are very filling and I hardly find myself feeling hungry throughout the day!

If you're thinking about giving The Man Shake a go, I recommend giving it a crack! Besides weight what do you have to lose? You save money, lose weight and feel great!

Get onto the Man Shake Men group and talk to some of the guys on there. It has changed my life and also hundreds of others! Don't forget, the first step is normally the hardest!