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Zac lost 17kg and went from tubby to toned.


Zac Brown, 20 years old, I live in Morwell Victoria.

As a kid, my weight was an on and off problem as I use to always sneak into the cupboards after school or always bought my lunch from the canteen daily. I was very sporty playing Footy, cricket and basketball which helped I guess in not becoming overweight.

After high school, I started my apprenticeship and struggled with packing a healthy lunch and bought every day and I stopped playing regular sport after a knee injury and in no time I went from being in the 80s to 95.6kg.

To be honest I was really oblivious to my weight and how much I was putting on. It hit me when I saw a picture of me at my mates 18th birthday and seeing a double chin and the buttons stretching on my flannelette made me sick.

My physical and mental health were big factors because I hated the way I looked but I also was struggling with fitness and especially performing at work. Being under a house to then roofing on 30 degree plus days was such a struggle with my weight.

I wanted to get fit but normal dieting was doing it for me. I tried to just eat healthier but I just couldn’t. I tried to exercise more and drink less but the results were minimal to none which made me give up every time.

My mate gave me a call and said his missus uncle lost 5kg in quick time doing the man shakes so I thought, why can’t I?

To date, I have lost a total of 17.4kg on The Man Shakes

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The biggest difference is how much confidence I have in myself. I used to leave my shirt on at the pool and beach and I hated being In photos as well. But now I’m happy with myself and feel the fittest I’ve ever felt.

The biggest roadblock for me would be my cravings for fast food. You could almost call it an addiction but there wouldn’t be a day where I didn’t stop at the servo for an energy drink and pie.

Or even at lunchtime stopping at KFC for a zinger box and on the way home stopping at the servo again.

It was shocking, the only way I overcame it was taking the shakes to work and knowing that that was my lunch and I shouldn’t eat anything else. The weight dropping off every time I hopped on the scales helped me motivate myself to not eat junk. 

When I was at work I would just have the two scoops in the shaker and bring a couple of bottles of water and just shake on the go at lunchtime. Sometimes if I was hungry in the mornings I would have one for breaky too.

On the weekends or days off I would use my blender and mix ice, berries and bananas into my shakes!

I’d recommend the man Shake to anyone who wants to make the change and struggles with normal dieting. The diverse flavours all taste good and it’s easy to shake on the go. You can still have your cheat days and have the occasional beer or two!

Currently, I’m at the gym to gain muscle but when I get hungry in the mornings I have the occasional shake. The benefits of the shakes are that they are high in protein so it’s a win-win.

Definitely take a before picture. Each week when you hop on the scales take another picture to compare. It’s a great motivator and really makes you push yourself to keep going.

Try to do it with someone you're close to so you’re not in it alone!
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