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Wayne lost 40kg and followed his dream!


Wayne Francis, 38, from Bayswater Victoria

I have always been the big guy for as long as I can remember. To be honest I never really cared about my health I just did what I wanted and ate what I wanted and never gave it a second thought.

My biggest roadblock was always me. My want and desire for food were hard to overcome. Comfort eating and grazing all day, made worse by being a baker and being around food all day every day.

The moment I knew I had to do something came when I was learning to fly planes.  I got a call from the chief pilot telling me that they couldn’t keep training me as I could never do the flight test.

As the testing pilot was a bigger guy it would take the plane over max weight. The feeling that gave me was terrible, here I was trying to follow a passion and getting told I was too fat. I knew I was big but never realized I was that big.

After that call, I set my mind to not only lose enough weight to fly but to lose enough to be able to take my dad up in a plane with me.

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To date, I have lost 40kg using The Man Shake. 

Now that I've lost weight, I can now go flying for a start. I have achieved that flight with dad and even more than once now. I feel so much better, I'm lighter on my feet and it allows me to keep up the energy throughout the day.

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I feel heaps better as a person has helped in so many ways. I never knew how bad I felt every day until losing weight. I am now back enjoying my karate training up to 3 times a week, something I use to do many years ago. coming up to a level now I could have never imagined achieving before

The Man Shake is really easy to make.  I have it while travelling to work, either driving or on the train. On my lunch break, I have my second shake which is really easy and I never have to wonder what I'm eating when it's all sorted.

It's a quick easy meal replacement that fits into life. Leaves you full as you have eaten and knowing you are doing something good for the body.

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It's your journey and your life, It's not a diet but a lifestyle change.

The Man Shake is the perfect tool to help you on your way, start shaking and do your best to change your life, Set small goals on the way and you can do it. Always remember how far you have come and what you have achieved so far.