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Wayne Lost 37kgs to Enjoy His Retirement


I’m Wayne, and this is how I lost 37kgs using The Man Shake.

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life.
I have had some success losing some kilos around 30 years ago on a low-fat diet. I also did heaps of work at the gym, however, this became unsustainable. My work became busy and stressful, and found eating and drinking to be a “crutch” to help me get through. 
On top of this, I had to have both of my hips replaced in 2015. It was likely due to me carrying too much weight and sitting too long at the office.

As I was approaching my late 50’s, there were family members and people I worked with who were struggling with a variety of health issues.  A few people I knew had passed away by their early 60’s, and I wanted to be the best version of myself to enjoy a retirement that I felt was hard-earned.  
After 35 years with one company (the last 10 years were particularly stressful managing there), I left and got another 2-year contract with another company. But this time I wasn’t managing people, so it was a less stressful environment for me.
Something clicked and decided I needed to improve my health to enjoy my retirement.  I was tinkering with my diet a bit during 2020 & 2021, but was not really getting anywhere … I was trying everything but was at a loss.

Around Christmas 2021, I caught up with my nephew for the first time in a while, and he had been successful in losing about 12kg using meal replacement shakes. So, I thought “What have I got to lose?”. That was the encouragement for me to look into The Man Shake.

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"I feel like I’ve been reborn and energised to enjoy my retirement"

I started the Man Shake in January 2022.
On 2/01/2022 I weighed in at 123.2kg (though, I probably peaked at the 140kg mark about 15 years ago). I was initially aiming to get to 90kg and, I am proud to say, after 13 months of being on the TMS, I weighed in at 86.2kg
To make it even better, for all of 2023, I was able to keep my weight well under the 90kg mark.

Losing the 37kgs was great for my body but as an older bloke, my skin didn’t bounce back. All this excess skin was starting to bother me. So, in early November 2023, I had abdominoplasty surgery to remove it all.
Nearly 12 weeks post the operation, I’m still getting used to my new shape in the mirror. I feel like I’ve been reborn and energised to enjoy my retirement.  For the last 3 months, I’ve been maintaining my weight around the 84kg mark.

The routine I settled on when losing weight was:

  • Breakfast shake around 8 am (Chocolate/ Chocolate Honeycomb with Choc Super Greens & a level teaspoon of psyllium husks are my usual).

  • Morning snack around 10 am (small tin of tuna/ Man Bar/ 2 boiled eggs / etc.).

  • Lunch is usually a tuna or chicken sandwich (high protein, low carb bread) with a side salad of tomato, onion, cucumber & couple of olives (dressed with a bit of olive oil & red wine vinegar).

  • Afternoon shake around 2-3 pm (like a Vanilla or fruit-flavoured shake in the afternoon).

  • Dinner around 5-6 pm (chicken breast mince turned into a Bolognese with edamame bean pasta is a bit of a favourite, or fish pan-fried in a bit of olive oil).

  • Snack of Man Bar or berries for dessert.

Few further notes - 

  • Aimed for 1400 to 1500 calories per day.

  • Snack on a lot of carrots during the day.

  • Try to have red meat only once a week.

  • Only have alcohol when I’m having my weekly treat meal.


Now that I’m in my maintenance phase, this is my routine:

  • 2 Shakes a day, but not as strict with total calories (anything under 2000 calories is okay by me now).

  • Might have 2 x treat meals per week now.

  • Still limiting alcohol to usually once a week (definitely can’t drink as much as I could before).

  • Still only having red meat once a week, but I’ve found I’ve gone off it a bit, and prefer chicken and fish.

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"Give it a go!"

When I order by Shakes I like to do the Ultimate Weight Loss Pack.
I will always order Vanilla, a Chocolate or Choc Honeycomb, and then the fruiter flavoured Shakes.
For Man Bars, Chunky Choc and Choc Hazelnut are standout. And finally the Choc Super Greens, which I add into every morning shake for that extra veggie hit.
I occasionally grab a Variety Pack too. I find the single sachets are easier to travel with.

If was able to share some advice with anyone looking to try The Man Shake, I would simply say give it a go! Meal replacement shakes might not be for everyone, but they are certainly worth a try.
The further you get along in your journey you will find yourself craving particular food less and less.
Use The Man Shake Guide for your simple to follow routine and easy food suggestions. The Guide became my bible.
Finally, be gentle to yourself. You may have the odd bad day but that is ok. Don’t beat yourself up.
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