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Wade Lost 20kg After Emergency Surgery!


My name is Wade Mccarthy and I'm a 36-year-old father of 2 from Port Pirie in South Australia.

I have always been a bigger bloke. I played a lot of footy when I was younger but after three knee reconstructions I was forced to retire early, and since then the weight has crept up on me.

Back in January of this year, I had an accident where I was cut by a nine-inch grinder, resulting is cutting 2 tendons and damaging my artery. After emergency surgery, I couldn't put any weight on my injury for 8-10 weeks and it was then I knew I couldn't lay around and eat junk food for weeks on end.

Not only this, but I also have two beautiful boys aged 3 and 6 and I want to be able to enjoy their childhood with them by being active and having fun.

I had never tried any other methods of losing weight before, I was always content in my body and I only recently realised I wasn't happy.

I heard about The Man Shake through a few ads on the internet decided to do a little more research about it, and ultimately thought to give it a go for myself. Since starting I have lost 20kgs!

Since I've started with The Man Shake my mindset has been completely different. I enjoy everyday life even more and I find I have a lot more patience at home, at work, and with saying no to junk food.

Incorporating it into my daily lifestyle has been the easiest part. I have a shake when my family eats breakfast and one for lunch each day. Even when I am on the go I still make sure I have the shake ready to take with me.

I'll absolutely be continuing on the shakes! The taste is great and I'm stoked with the results. If anyone out there is thinking about starting with The Man Shake it will change your life, better your relationships, and have a positive effect on your mindset - can't hurt to try it!