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Tony wanted to be around for his kids, so he lost 23kg.


Tony, 26, Port Pirie SA

A brief backstory on your health

My health as a whole wasn’t good what so ever. I had no energy, I was tired all the time, I had a terrible sleeping pattern and sleep apnea, and I could barely last going to the park to kick a soccer ball with my kids.

I honestly had a poor attitude towards my health and weight and thought, “I’ll be ok, I’ll never get that big." I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I did no exercise whatsoever, which began to catch up with me very quickly.

The significant moment I knew I needed to lose weight came when I had a periodic medical for my job. When seeing the doctor, he made me weigh myself and seeing that number on those scales crushed me inside. I straight away started thinking, "what have I done? I’m just getting bigger and bigger."

The doctor then sat me down and said, “look, Tony, if you continue down this road it isn’t going to be good. You won’t be around long enough to see your kids actually grow up.” At that moment, I knew something had to change not only for my kids but for myself.

Getting started

I originally heard about The Man Shake advertised on the radio through 4GB, Ray Hadley, etc, then a guy I used to work with previously started taking them and shared his experiences on how good the actual shakes and bars are.

Before trying The Man Shake, I'd tried going to the gym constantly, running/walking in the mornings, trying different diets, keto, calorie counting, everything.

When I starting The Man Shake, I found it very easy. I just exchanged the 2 easiest meals out with shakes instead of taking meals, which for me was breakfast and lunch due to being at work quite a lot. This allowed me to make a shake on the run so I’m not only getting everything I need from the shake but I’m still able to continue on doing work tasks. I continued to have dinner so that way I can get a good serve of fruit and vegetables along with the shakes for the day.

My biggest roadblock to becoming healthier was my portion control of eating. I can eat plenty of healthier things but the portion I would actually eat would be way too much. I had to learn self-control, thinking, 'do I really need to eat that?' 'Am I actually hungry?' I went onto the internet and purchased a portion plate and bowl set with the rings on it as a guide to gauge how much I’m actually supposed to eat when it comes to mealtimes.

Tony lost 23kg using The Man Shake.

The biggest difference now I've lost weight is my level of energy to be able to do things with my kids. I’ve gone down multiple clothing sizes and people actually notice and say something, which is a huge confidence booster for anyone!! I absolutely feel amazing.

If someone is out there thinking about starting, what would you say to them to motivate them?

Don’t wait until tomorrow, purchase some Man Shakes now. The only person holding you back is yourself, follow the instructions as per the shakes they are very simple and easy.

If you're lost for ideas on healthier food options go visit the man shake website. There's a huge range of healthier options there and it’s free!! If you find yourself partially hungry even try the man bars they're amazing as well. Not only is the man shake cheap (it is), but it’s readily available at quite a few outlets and it actually tastes amazing.

I was where you are right now, tossing up whether or not to try it and I took the step and I don’t regret a thing, it’s helped change my life for the better, for my family and for me!