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Tim lost 32kg after trying everything else!


Hey my name is Tim I’m 29 and I’m from Brisbane.

I was always fit and in shape growing up, but as I got to my late teens I struggled with keeping my weight under control. I stopped being active and playing sports, and developed a lot of unhealthy eating habits.

It was hard going from someone who was active, confident, and full of energy, to someone who was overweight, unmotivated and not the person I once was. I’d see photos of myself after a night out and it would make me cringe at how overweight and unhealthy I looked.

Throughout my late 20s I tried a lot of different diets and exercise routines but within a few months things would get too hard or complicated, and next thing I know I’m back where I started.

That was until I found the man shake!

I’d seen different ads or heard successful stories about the man shake, but my first thought was it’s like all the other diets out there and would be too hard or wouldn’t work for me.

I was so wrong!

I've lost 32kgs thanks to The Man Shake. I started at 110kg and my current weight is 78kg!

The man shake is one of the easiest and simplest ways to lose weight! 

A lot of other diets you're always wondering what you can and can’t eat, and constantly have temptations to eat snacks or meals that aren’t good for you.

The man shake takes away those temptations and you know every single day what you are having for breakfast and lunch. There are a lot of different flavours to choose from and you still get to eat  a nice meal at night.

A lot of people say it’s too hard and time consuming to go on diets but with the man shake it’s the opposite.

I’ve still got a bit to go but after the weight I’ve already lost already  I’m feeling great and have so much energy, and feel like my old self again.

To anyone that’s thinking about trying the man shake, I urge you to stop putting it off until next week, and go and buy a sample pack and start being a better you.

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