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Tim turned everything around and lost 30kg


Tim Laure, 31 from Newcastle.

I have always eaten junk food since I moved out of home at 18. Living off KFC, Maccas, Hungary jacks, dominoes or going out for dinner etc. I started interstate truck driving in 2019 and as I am doing 17 hr days 80+ hr weeks, it eventually caught up with me and my weight got worse in the last couple of years.

The significant moment was my wife left me in the middle of May 21.

So I went to the doctor as I was feeling depressed. He did some tests and they came back with high cholesterol. He told me I need to get my weight under control before I am 40 or I am going to have problems later on.


After that, I knew the only way out was to change my lifestyle to make myself happy again.

I had seen the man shake on advertising and as my mum is a pharmacist I asked her about it and mum said she has heard blokes have been getting great results from it. So I decided to bite the bullet and joined a gym, ordered the man shake and that was it.

I started at 115kg or might of been a little more on the 4th June 2021. I started doing an hour a day on the treadmill on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sundays. As soon as gyms closed with covid I started to run outside to keep the results coming.

It’s important for me to lose weight and be healthy because I don’t want problems later in life and I have found I am a lot less fatigued after eating healthy and exercising and before I never wanted to do anything on weekends because I was too tired which caused a lot of the problems in my relationship.

To date i have lost 30kg using The Man Shake

Now that I've lost the weight the biggest difference is going from size 40 pants to size 34.

I feel great especially when people look at you and go geese you have lost the weight and are looking good. Being an interstate truck driver I didn’t think I would be able to lose it but I have followed the man shakes advice the whole time which is free and it has kept coming off.

I haven’t really had many roadblocks, I have felt like eating junk food at times, more at the start but the brain would kick in and go that is going to slow the results, eat something healthy won’t have to work as hard in the gym the next day then. My treat was hot chips on a Saturday then I found the birds-eye microwave chips which are a bit better for you so I had them as a treat.

The Man Shake fit into my daily life so easy.

It stopped me from eating junk out on the highways and it takes less than a minute to make and you have a meal. Monday to Thursday I have 5 weetbix for breakfast and a man shake for lunch and dinner. Friday and Saturday and Sunday I have man shake for breakfast and lunch and have a healthy dinner.

Honestly, I would recommend the man shake to anyone. It actually works and as I am a fussy eater I think it tastes great and it’s not expensive to use.

I'll keep using The Man Shake to keep a healthy weight.

As time is a factor when I am on the road and usually only have time on my second break to have a quick shower and then keep on heading. Instead of walking to the fast-food outlet to take something with me, I am walking back to my truck to make my shake which is done in less than a minute and I have eaten a healthy meal and feel good.

Just do it, it’s not fun being the fat person in the room. You only have one life and you want to be here as long as you can.

The Man Shake actually works they give out a load of free advice on what to do/eat. If you do exercise with it you will get results faster and you will feel a lot better about yourself like I have. You will have up and down days but if you stick at it, week by week the kilos will come off and you feel great!

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