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Tim had enough so he dropped 31kg


Tim Anlezark, 38 years old, from Narellan NSW

Throughout my younger years, I was very active & always played sports. As I got older I slowly stopped playing sports & started focusing on working career. I was always working outdoors & preferred physically labour as it kept me in shape & fit.

Then one day in 2001 whilst working I suffered a back injury which sidelined me for 2yrs. I was unable to move properly for the 1st few months, once physiotherapy started it helped a lot to get me moving again but I still couldn't lift, move 100% or even play with my at the time 4yr old son. It left me feeling depressed & a failure as a father & partner, I turned to junk food & just literally sitting around the house not caring about anything anymore. A few years later I got back into the workforce doing less physical work.

Fast forward 2014 where 1 day I was working away by myself when all of a sudden I started getting pins and needle feeling down my left side of my body, started getting dizzy & disorientated. I sat down for a few mins and realised something was terribly wrong. I called my partner & my manager to tell them I am heading to the hospital. I was informed by the doctors within the hospital that I have just suffered a stroke, I was shocked and left wondering what could have brought this on.

Well, all the years of being lazy, eating junk foods, soft drinks & energy drinks on a daily basis & accompanied by the stress of my newborn baby & partner in ICU from the time she was born had finally taken its toll on me.

I tried to change my habits but I always found myself back into the same routine of junk food, soft drinks & literally just sitting around doing nothing at all.

1 day January 2020 I looked in the mirror and didn't recognise the person that was looking back at me, I felt ashamed & disgust I weighted in at 116kgs & it was at that moment I knew I had to make a change and for good.

The number 1 reason for me losing weight is my family, I want to be able to see my kids grow up & have children of their own. The other main reason is for myself to better my health. Also to look & feel the best I have on my wedding day in March.

A friend of mine had told me about The Man Shake and how much it has helped him not only lose weight but to help him change his mindset.

I had tried a lot of other meals & shake diets from other sources along with exercises but I always fell back into the same habits.

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After losing 31kgs since I started The Man Shake I feel more energetic, my mental state has increased to a better place and I love being able to run around more with my kids without the need to stop every 2 minutes.

The biggest roadblock for me was myself, I was finding myself falling back into bad habits. I had to train my mind to be about keeping on track & had my family, friends & support from people on the Facebook page Man Shake Men. Without these people helping me I would never have achieved what I have to date.

The best part is that The Man Shake it so easy to fit into my daily life. Its quick & easy & leave me feeling full.

It actually works it's quick, convenient & the support group is massive with people always willing to help you where ever they can.

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Once I hit my goal weight of 80kgs I plan on maintaining & using The Man Shake by having 1 shake a day alongside of my daily exercise routine & healthy eating.

I highly recommend The Man Shake to anyone starting out, they leave you feeling full & taste great. Jump on the support group on Facebook page Man Shake Men & read how it helps so many people. The price is affordable & sustainable.