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Shaun dropped 27kg in 7 months.


Hi, my name is Shaun from Brisbane Queensland, I've lost 27kg in 7 months while using The Man Shake.

I was fairly healthy as a kid but had a breathing condition asthma which came and went as a young child. As I got older my breathing condition became more severe as I was making bad choices with eating and being less active.

My decision to take the first step was I planned to lose weight for my sister's upcoming wedding as I was insecure about my appearance and my health.

I tried doing more activity, exercising and other meal replacement shakes but I didn't see results so I gave up.

The most important reason for me to lose weight is family. I have a great girlfriend and her son keeps me busy so I want to keep up with him and being healthy will let me do that.

I found out about The Man Shake from a co-worker who had a family member who was trying the program and he was getting results so I did some research and decided to give it a go.

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My biggest roadblock to losing weight was overcoming bad food choices, it was hard but once I started The Man Shake and learned about counting calories I then realized I was only eating out of boredom and unhealthy eating habits.

The Man Shake fit in my life easily as I never really eat breakfast so having a shake was convenient, quick, and kept me full.

Losing the weight has given me a lot more energy and boosted my confidence, I am now more open in conversations and don't feel so insecure thinking people are staring at me cause I look overweight.

I would recommend The Man Shake to people for the simple fact it will change your life for the better make you healthier and gives you a confidence boost.

I will continue the shake to maintain my current weight for me the man shake isn't a replacement meal or a program it's a lifestyle change.

Honestly, just try The Man Shake it will change your life for the better once you take that first step you will be asking yourself why you didn't earlier it's quick, easy, and gives fast results.