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Shane put himself first for his family and lost over 15kg


Shane Brazier, 48, Rutherford NSW

How I Got Here.

Over the last 20 years, I took up drinking large amounts of alcohol which added to missing meals and eating very unhealthy foods.

Instead of eating a healthy lunch I was eating chocolates and bags of chips foods with no nutrition values at all. As we get older I gave up sports and stopped going to the gym. As a result, I became overweight and my cholesterol levels and liver levels became high.

A visit to my doctor for a full blood test advised me of my high levels and that I needed to change. I didn't think much of it at the time but my wife and children became concerned and pushed me to fix my problem.

Getting Started.

I had seen advertisements about the Man Shake but wasn’t convinced until a workmate was having a shake and told me how much it does help to become healthy and not miss meals.

Like most people, I had tried eating healthy previously and exercise but my work and family lifestyle had denied me the time to do what I needed.

Since starting The Man Shake I have lost a total of 15kg.

How I did it.

Since starting to lose weight I have cut a lot of foods from my diet and eat more fruits, salads, water, vegetables. I have a The Man Shake for either lunch or dinner, followed with a piece of fruit a little while afterward.

I have tried caramel, banana, and chocolate and I love them all so I don’t have a favourite.

Now I feel great and have a lot more energy, not feeling bloated, I feel a lot happier within myself. The best part is I have received many comments on how great I look and that also makes me feel good too.

The road ahead.

My biggest roadblock was the alcohol drinking and giving up things I thought I enjoyed but in all fact I know now I didn’t really enjoy them. It really was just being lazy about being healthy.

For someone wanting to start the weight loss journey, I would be saying to them look at your family they need you. Weight loss isn’t hard once you start.

We enjoy life so much more by being healthy and having so much energy. It’s not just about you it’s about everyone you love too. You can achieve so much by making small changes to your diet and exercise daily.