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Seamus turned everything around and lost 39kg


My name is Seamus, I’m 42 from Camden, NSW. I’ve lost 39kg so far using The Man Shake.

Prior to starting The Man Shake I lived and worked in a high-stress environment with little time for myself or my family. I had unhealthy eating and drinking habits, often eating on the go and drinking to cope with the stress.

My health suffered as a result of this and when you are told you don’t have long left and you’re only 40, something had to change. I underwent life-saving surgery in 2020 by having a liver transplant and made a complete lifestyle change to make the most of the second chance I’d been given. I wanted to be more active, and healthy, keep up with the kids and live a better way of life.

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After surgery, I was still overweight and I wanted to help my recovery and be healthier for myself and my family. I decided to start The Man Shake program.

Over the years I had tried various diets but weren’t really working with my way of life at the time, The Man Shake plan suits my lifestyle now and it works.

Now that I've lost some weight, the biggest difference is that I’m more active, have more energy, and am able to be involved more with my kids rather than being an onlooker.

I realized my biggest roadblock was stress, lack of time, and work-life balance. I had to change my lifestyle and work so that I could incorporate a healthy diet and exercise.

Starting the program was so easy, simply replaced breakfast and lunch with The Man Shake, healthy snacks throughout the day, and a well-balanced dinner. My wife started the Lady Shake at the same time so having someone alongside you, working towards the same goal helps you stay focused.

Once I hit my goal weight, I will still replace breakfast with The Man Shake as I find it gives me a great start to the day. Then I will continue to eat a healthy balanced diet using the Man Shake recipes as inspiration.


I would definitely recommend the Man Shake as it has been a great success to me and it is so easy to fit into your daily routine. The Man Shakers page on Facebook was great support and I could not recommend this program more highly.

If you are thinking of starting The Man Shake, just jump into it. If you stick to the program you will be guaranteed results.