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Sam lost 58kg after hitting rock bottom


Sam Buffet, Age 36 from Manilla, NSW

Well it's hard not to put on weight as a Pastry cook for 14 years and turn into a Truck driver for the next 7.  I was always surrounded by food and then on the road bad food is so convenient!

I would also have too many energy and soft drinks throughout the day and honestly I thought I was okay but some how I had gotten to over 180kg.

I tried to lose some weight a few years ago a few different ways like drinking apple cider vinegar, saxenda injections that were expensive and couple of low carb diets didn’t last long or had minimal results but I never really committed to it due to being on the road.

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Not long after that I ended up losing my licence being a naughty boy. It was a dark time cause I was still working then and fell inside a semi trailer from roof to floor and destroyed my shoulder needing a reconstruction so I started a pity party for myself.

I couldn’t lay down due to pain so I was sleeping on the lounge sitting and that was it that moment I looked at my feet all swollen I had never had fat feet!

After a visit to the doctor for surgery looking at scales and was shocked how big I was and was embarrassed for my family

So I knew I had to start somewhere so I started walking every day, sometimes walking over 10kms. Then I stumbled on The Man Shake and thought it could work for me as I started to get my confidence and momentum up with my walking.

To date I have lost 58kg using The Man Shake.

It's important to be healthy and losing the weight makes me a better dad, partner and person I’m a lot happier in general life and have more energy. Now I can walk and I'm working up to actually running and have since joined a gym and loving life watching the weight disappear

Honestly my biggest road block was probably sweets I have a huge sweet tooth. I just followed the plan and just persisted and I had amazing encouragement from family.

The Man Shake is really easy and convenient especially back at work driving trucks. I don't have to think about my meals and it keeps me full most of the day.

I never thought I would be able to lose the weight but The Man Shake will change your life for the better you and towards others.

I will continue to use The Man Shake for breakfast and beyond because I enjoy it and it's so easy!

My advice to others out there is if you want to see the better you don’t look back and results will follow.
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