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Roger lost 38kg and found his confidence!


I’m Roger, 48, from Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast.

Pre-Covid and at the time I started my diet, I spent around half the year away from home travelling for work. This would be split between Australia, Asia and Europe. I found my self gaining more and more weight as I reached for easy fast-food breakfast, lunches and then unhealthy pub or takeaway meals and beer at night. When you are travelling on your own, sometimes food and drink can get to be your only company. 

I unexpectedly saw a different doctor at my six-monthly blood pressure check. She had a completely different attitude to my health. She sent me for lots of tests and confronted me with the choice of more tablets for life or doing something about it. I decided to do something about it. 

She recommended the 800 calorie/blood sugar diet as a way of losing critical fat around my liver and pancreas. This was going to be very tough but made even harder with the lack of healthy options when travelling.

It was really affecting my health and the doctor simply warned me it was ‘change your life or face the consequences. I was also paying huge loading on my life insurance premium because of the weight, so there was a financial incentive too! 


To date I have lost 38kg using The Man Shake.

I’d tried shakes before, but everything I’d found needed fresh skimmed milk, which is impossible to find when travelling in Asia and inconvenient everywhere else. So, The Man Shake appealed very much to me because I could use water. 

The best thing was the convenience.

Mixing with water meant I could have it anywhere. Often when working at customer’s sites and in overseas offices, they would think it quite funny and joke about me having it instead of big meals paid for on expenses, but I knew my health would benefit and with the quick results I saw in the first 4 weeks, I didn’t want to go back to the old ways. 

I now have confidence in myself. Confidence that when I attend business meetings I am no longer the biggest person in the room. I feel more professional. I also feel much better physically like when doing strenuous work in the garden or playing golf, I can feel that my body is under less strain. 

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When people who haven’t seen me for a while hardly recognise me of course they want to know how I did it. 

I have changed more into a healthy lifestyle diet. One shake a day, one low carb wrap for lunch, some fruit and then an evening meal low in carbs at night. Like curry using cauliflower rice or meat but with only salad or veg, no potatoes or pasta.

I’d say that it's not easy and takes willpower to lose weight, but the health benefits and the benefits of an improved physical appearance and confidence are worth the effort and at times sacrifices.