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Robert Lost 40kg After Being Told He Had 6 Years To Live


I am Robert Mitchell. I’m 34 years old from Midvale Western Australia. In September 2019 I was 142.6kg and I’m now 102.6kg.

Since I can recall I have always been overweight, when I was in my teens and whenever I went to a doctor they used to always tell me my blood pressure was high, but being young I just shrugged it off.

There was a combination of things that lead to me being overweight. The usual come into play - poor eating habits, the convenience of take-away after working a long day rather than cooking, not to mention the sneaky chocolates and snacks.

September last year was a real wake up call, I had been having massive migraines and my legs were killing me so I decided to go to the doctors to find out what was going on. While I was there they did the routine blood pressure checks and my BP was sitting at 212. They gave me a few different medications and every weekly check-up it dropped down to 195 as the GP couldn’t recommend anything stronger I had to see a cardiologist.

While waiting for the cardiology appointment my kids started doing healthy eating classes at school. My son would start saying “dad you need to lose weight you're too fat, why are you so big?” When I saw my in-laws they would point out how I looked sick or really pale as well. It was a real low point each time I heard it.

The appointment rolled around and I found out about all the adverse reactions that can happen with high blood pressure. He was talking about kidney damage, optical damage, liver damage and heart valve damage. Then heart ultrasounds, kidney function tests and liver ultrasound. He pretty much said if I stay on the track I was on I wouldn’t see 40. That was a wake-up call, I wouldn’t even see my kids grow up and the reality hit me that things needed to change.

I decided that I would stick out the diet this time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I haven’t tried before. I did the whole cut out the junk stick to healthy eating, it lasted 6 months and I lost 20kg. But I couldn’t stick to it and put it all back on. My overall confidence was at a low. It was bad enough clothes shopping in the 'big man' sections, but to have your kids and partner and in-laws saying you looked sick didn’t help. Now being told I might only have 6 years was the final straw I had to turn it around.

As I was walking out of the appointment I recalled seeing the Man Shake so I started searching online and read a few reviews. I thought "yeah they all say that" and left it at that. Later I was on Facebook and the advert popped up in my feed and I figured why the hell not what’s the worst that happens either it does what it says or it doesn’t. So I placed my order and waited. In the meantime, I started reading the blogs and listening to the podcasts and started thinking okay it might be one that works.

So my first Months supply arrived and much to my partners eye-rolling I gave it a shot. Started with just a morning shake and lunch shake, just as my biggest issue is having a healthy breakfast and lunch as I’m always on the road all day. Leaving at 5am I don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast let alone take 30mins to have lunch.

About a month later it became routine shake for breakfast, have one while on the road. It worked and I noticed my weight loss. Went back to the cardiologist and my blood pressure was down, he was thrilled with the fact I’d lost close to 10kgs. I felt better leaving that appointment than the first one.

8 months later and I’ve lost 40kg. I can avoid the 'big man’ section of the shops. My kids are enthusiastic about how much I’ve changed. I’m eating better, have more energy and I'm not lethargic anymore. My goal is to get down to 80kg and keep the shakes for breakfast.

I recommend to anyone thinking about giving the Man Shake ago just try it for 4 weeks. I was cautious at first thinking “how can 1 shake last until the next meal?” But then I realised what do I have to lose other than weight? I’ve seen the results and I have no issues suggesting it to my friends, and now I have 3 of my mates on The Man Shake. There are no hidden costs, no hidden extras.

This is not an overthinking diet change, it’s a simple swap a meal for a shake and go from there. Obviously the more you put in the more weight you would lose. End of the day you need to be the one to want to make the change for yourself, let the Man Shake be that platform to help you start. I am glad I started the Man Shake, I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am today without it.