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Robert lost 27kg to be the best dad he could be.


Robert Hallam, 26 from Horsham.

My weight was pretty normal until about 18 until I moved out of home and I just ate way too much and junk food. On top of that, my partner and I had a baby young so I wasn't exercising and the weight just piled on and I gained about the 27 kgs.

Over the years my health was poor and I didn't like where I was physically but when I hit the scales at 100kg I knew it was time to change something. With my current energy levels, I wouldn't be able to active enough as a dad and that's very important to me.

I previously tried just going to the gym and just eating healthy but its to easy to give up when you lose a kg here and there my motivation didn't last long.

I have lose a total of 27kg using The Man Shake

I enjoyed The Man Shake because it was easy to do and they taste great and the best part was for me the results were pretty fast so my motivation was at an all-time high and that kept me going.

Now that I've lost weight the biggest difference would be how much easier daily activities are without all that excess weight. I honestly feel great it's like I'm 18 again and more energy than ever before. I understand food way more in terms of what I should be eating and how much which will make keeping the weight off long term.

If any other guys out there are struggling to lose weight on other diets I really recommend The Man Shake because it's literally that easy and if you stick to the plan the results come in fast!