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Peter is living life from losing 21kg!


I'm Peter, I'm 54 years old, live in Point Clare, Central Coast.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with pre-type 2 diabetes. I weighed 97 kilos and was super unhealthy eating crap food, drinking too much and I got to this point in my life because I was depressed. My weight had gotten out of control so I ate and drank to numb it. A vicious circle I reckon.

My wife and daughter were counting on me and I wanted to get back to what I used to do like surfing, swimming, and mountain biking.


I decided to change my diet and cut down my alcohol intake, I lost about 4-5 kilos which was enough to get me motivated so I wanted to keep pushing forward.

I had seen The Man Shake advertised on YouTube and around the Coast on buses etc. You couldn't miss it, so I thought I would give it a shot!

Since I've used The Man Shake and lost all this weight, I never felt better in my life.

I've dropped from size 40, 38 pant size to 34 and had to order a whole new work uniform. I'm surfing, swimming and riding again. Believe me, without going into detail, everything has changed!

But when I started having the shakes twice a day and following the diet and seeing how much weight you drop in two weeks, this motivated me. Still does.

I would recommend The Man Shake to anyone who wants to lose weight and get their life back. Try it, see the results it works! You will feel awesome.

My blood tests, blood pressure, etc taken last month were all normal. I am 55 this year. I now weigh 76 kilos, have no medication and I'm full of energy!

I still have two shakes a day, healthy snacks, and the main meal at night. I also don't drink alcohol. My most significant weight loss has been over the last year, and have kept it off.

If anybody is considering The Man Shake, do it. It's not hard, you will see results.

Just imagine yourself waking up thinner each day and feeling awesome, and having heaps of energy!

Do it for yourself and your family. I promise you, it works.