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Paul liked how straight forward it was


Paul is 31 years old from Canberra

My whole life has changed.

For a long time, I couldn't put my shoes on without being out of breath, I was depressed on a daily basis. I can live my life to the fullest because of the weight that I have lost. When I decided that I had to lose weight I started off trying to walk on my treadmill. It was hard, I could hardly do much exercise at all without being sore, uncomfortable.

Working in security, I am a shift worker. I did though put on all my weight while I was working long hours, eating out a lot and grabbing something quick on the way home.

In an effort to lose weight I had tried Light n Easy, YouFoodz and any other, diets I had heard about but nothing was sticking.

I had heard about The Man Shake from a few guys and started seeing it around, being a Rugby League fan meant I knew who Adam was and decided I would give it a try.

The Man Shake was so easy and straightforward to use. There isn't anything complicated to follow, and it works!!

Do it! Seriously just try and stick to the program. It will change your life!!!

After I started to lose weight with the man shakes I found some momentum and continued exercising, I know train at the gym 5 days a week.

I feel amazing. I feel like I used to when I was 20-21. I am happy, confident and motivated again, I seriously am the old Paul. Friends and family have regularly commented about just how happy, energetic and smiley I am again :).