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Nik lost 22kg thanks to lockdown!


My name is Nik, 58, from Bendigo in regional Victoria.

For a long time I never really paid attention to what I was eating on a daily basis. I just ate what I wanted because it tasted good and never really thought about it until the unmentionable lockdown.

Once the lockdown happened I continued my bad habits right in to it and to a point even made it worse because we were all confined to home. After some time I started feeling really sluggish constantly and tired. I even started having trouble tying my shoes and I realised I needed to make a real change.

Discovering The Man Snake through Facebook, thought ok I’ll give it a go. It was now or never as I was getting bigger and bigger to the point I didn’t want to be in pictures and wearing baggy clothes to try and cover myself.

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To date I have lost 22kg using The Man Shake

After buying some packs of the man shake at the chemist was surprised how easy it was, I do 2 shakes a day and have salad veggies and Tuna most evenings, with the occasional glass of wine. It’s so easy and fits in with my lifestyle and the shakes are truly delicious.

Once I reach my goal weight I will continue with the shakes to maintain a healthy path moving forward.

I have noticed I’m so much more motivated and am now sleeping better than ever and waking refreshed.

To anyone thinking it’s too hard, try the man shake, the results are real, it’s easy, convenient and tastes amazing.
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