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Nick lost 50kg and got his life back.


Nick, 43, Port Pirie SA

A brief background of my health

I've always been a bigger bloke. Since I was 18 I've probably weighed 100kgs plus.

My weight was pretty steady at about 110-120kg until around 6 years ago when I gave up most of the competitive sport that I had always actively played. When I stopped, my weight ballooned badly and I ended up at 146.5kg.

I think I was in denial about my weight and how big an issue it had become. My job is very time consuming and I often work long hours, so I took the easy way out with my diet for a long time, choosing quick unhealthy options and telling myself it the only way to go.

Early last year I become really uncomfortable and embarrassed about my body, I was constantly having to buy bigger clothes or just wear the same 2 or 3 shirts that did fit. The doctor made me weigh in and, to be honest, I was internally devastated by what I saw on the scales.

Getting started

My brother in law had just started on the Man Shake in March 2019 and suggested I give it a try (I think most of my family had tried at some stage to get me to try to lose some weight and get a bit healthier, but I am a stubborn bloke and the more I was pushed the harder I pushed back).

Before starting The Man Shake I had tried gym, green smoothies and other things over the years to lose weight, without any success. It wasn't until I got onto the Man Shake and started to read some of Adam’s blogs that I understood where I had gone wrong.

One of the biggest lessons I have taken from Adam is that you "can’t out-train a bad diet". I had spent years training sports and thinking that it meant I could eat/drink whatever I wanted but still wondered why I wasn’t getting anywhere.

My normal day goes like this:

Breakfast - Coffee Man Shake (generally on my way to work)

Smoko - A Man Bar with a cup of coffee (no sugar)

Lunch - A Chocnana shake (1 scoop Choc & 1 scoop Banana, my favourite flavour)

Arvo snack - A handful of almonds and another coffee

Dinner - A good healthy meal

The Man Shake suits my daily life as it is quick and easy to prepare and it’s portable. By having the Man Shake it takes away the opportunity to make bad food decisions. My very supportive family have also been amazing, allowing me the time to exercise daily and changing their meal habits to help me out.

Nick has lost 50kg with The Man Shake

I have had a complete lifestyle change since starting on the Man Shake. Almost immediately, I had more energy and I found my self-esteem returning with every weigh-in and seeing the consistent results I was achieving.

Prior to the Man Shake, I was having a sugar-filled Iced Coffee every day for the last 25 years (plus a lot of other bad stuff), and now I haven’t had one since I started the Man Shake program.

My attitude toward food has changed significantly. I now choose healthier food options, and I have substituted most pasta and rice with vegetables, with takeaway as more of a special occasion rather than a regular occurrence.

Before The Man Shake, I did little to no exercise and really had to be pushed to even do stuff with my kids that looked like exercise. Now, I walk approx. 45min every day and I have started jogging again (which I never thought would happen). Getting active has become a habit and is just a part of my daily life now.

I now feel the best I have in years, I feel like I've gotten my life back. Not only am I able to do stuff with my kids, but I actually want to do it and my attitude toward life and health has changed dramatically. Previously, when I hit a small goal I would have been happy, but now I feel so good I just get straight onto my next goal. My new target now that I've lost 50kg is to hit 90kg (6kg to go!).

I feel like I was always my biggest enemy when it came to getting healthy. I only overcame it once I got honest with myself about how bad I'd gotten and realised that if it didn't change I wouldn't be around long enough to see my kids grow up. Having Adam's blogs and the support during The Man Challenge was invaluable to me. It allowed me to refocus on what I was trying to achieve even when things weren't going as planned.

What would you say to guys out there starting on The Man Shake?

Don't let your weight define who you are. Set realistic goals and timelines and push yourself, embrace the challenge. I found it important to set small goals, like every 10kgs lost and enjoy achieving them on the way to your big targets. I didn’t know if this was achievable but my self-belief grew with every small goal reached. Routine is the key, find a routine that works for you and stick with it. Bad days and set backs will happen but don’t lose sight of why you are doing this and what your goals are.

The Man Shake is more than just a weight loss tool, it allows you start getting healthier and feeling better about yourself almost immediately.