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Nami took control and dropped 22kg


Nami, 24 Newcastle NSW

Growing up I was always a slim build when I was in year 9 I started going into the gym with my older sister to try and gain more muscle mass. The causal gym session slowly turned into an obsession as I started lifting weights and the results started to show.

Throughout my senior years of schooling, I went to the gym for 3 hours every day. I was living the lifestyle gym, beach, and fried chicken every day during the school holidays. I was on top of the world, thought I was killing it, and never looked into proper diet or nutrition. I thought looked great even tho I had a terrible diet.

After graduating year 12, I moved out of home began working full time while balancing full-time uni so I had less time to focus on fitness as my responsibilities piled up.

I never quite had an understanding of a good diet and that last-minute assignment submission all sugar-filled nighters didn’t help. I was always under the impression you could out-train a bad diet if you work out hard enough but that became impossible. I couldn’t fit 3 hours of training into my day like I once did in high school.

As my training faded away my bad eating habits remained the same fried food and sugar was my weakness. Later on, I began to neglect training entirely, when I started working FIFO in Western Australia. I got into the bad habits of the mining game, drinking beers with the crew after work every night and eating anything I could get my hands on.

I grew a big gut on overtime, but that was ok because I fitted right in with the other blokes I worked with. I felt comfortable being mediocre.

I began training and trying to eat right, after two years of working away because the bad lifestyle was catching up on me I was constantly feeling sluggish and unmotivated to do anything and the weight kept piling on. Felt like crap and looked like crap.

Trying to eating the right food while working away was challenging. I needed an easier, nutritious and healthy way to have a good diet and lose weight. Trying to diet working 13 hours a day for 14 days with no access to a supermarket was near impossible.

Nami has lost a total of 22kg in 5 months using The Man Shake

The supervisor I trained with, introduced me to the man shake the low calories and simplicity instantly had me hooked.

After having a few samples I decided to buy a few packets from my local chemist and never looked back since. When I started the man shake I was a solid 118kg now I’m weighing 96kg and haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Not only do I feel great but my muscles have started coming out of hiding after a long 6 years ! The Man Shake helped me understand the importance of good diet and showed you can still achieve your goals and stay motivated when you’re constantly on the go.

I highly recommend the man shake to all my FIFO mates out there and anyone who’s looking to change their life for the better !