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Murray lost 17kg in 3 months!


Murray, 41 years old, Perth WA

I have been overweight for most of my working life, due to poor choices, such as regularly eating takeaway food and consuming drinks with high sugar content. I have Polycystic Kidney disease and wanted to make a positive lifestyle change.

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I was heading down the path of becoming diabetic. I hadn’t felt healthy in years and I wanted to have more energy.

There have been times when I have lost weight but on this occasion, I wanted to find a solution that would work for me long term, rather than a short term fix.

I have tried the gym, PT sessions, eating healthier foods and calorie counting. Some of these methods helped in the short term but never to this extent. I think the most I lost was about 10kg.

I take medication that requires me to drink more than usual, so the idea of meal replacement shakes appealed to me. I noticed that The Man Shake was changing lives, so in late October I made my first purchase, a month’s supply of shakes.

"I have lost 17kg in 3 months using The Man Shake"

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"My blood pressure has never been better"

Now that I've lost the weight I no longer feel bloated and I no longer get reflux.

Losing weight and being healthy has not only made me feel good about myself, giving me a new lease on life. The reality is that losing this weight could add years to my life and to the quality of my life. My blood pressure has never been better.

On my current medication, I was drinking between 6-7 litres a day, which was more than I needed to, but due to my high intake of salt and sugar, I felt the need to drink in excess. Nowadays, I am drinking between 3-4 litres of water per day, which means that I no longer feel bloated. I feel fantastic!

Purchasing takeaway was always convenient. I couldn’t fathom how a diet could be convenient. Making two Man Shakes per day is very convenient, and obviously a lot better for me!

I have a Thermomix at home and make my morning shake before leaving for work. Then at lunch, if I’m at work I make my second shake there, which is easy to do. It’s been incredibly convenient and becomes part of your daily routine. On the odd occasion, if I do go out for lunch, I can always have my second The Man Shake for dinner and it works out well.

"Drinks with no sugar never tasted so good!"

The Man Shake is a ‘realistic’ diet option. You can still enjoy the occasional beer and lose weight. What I noticed from the early stages of this diet is that I lost my cravings for sugar and carbs. Drinks with no sugar never tasted so good! Also, the shakes are enjoyable to consume. I hear a lot of people comment about how they tried other meal replacement shakes and didn’t enjoy them. Those people should switch to The Man Shake and I’m sure they won’t look back!

At this point, I’d still like to lose another 10kg. Once I reach that weight goal I will still continue having a shake for breakfast, because it’s a great way to start the day.

We’ve all been there, where we have thought about losing weight, but not acted on it. You can’t lose weight just by thinking about losing weight! Take the first step today and you’ll be glad you did. And the beauty of it is there is an incredible community of men (and women) who will be cheering you on during your journey.

The support you receive from other The Man Shake community is amazing.