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Morgan got his life back on track with his 26kg weight loss journey!


Hey, I’m Morgan and I lost 26kgs so that I could get the family that I have always wanted.

My wife and I have been trying to have a kid but, sadly, have been having difficulties. We began looking down the path of IVF and adoption but were shocked to learn that, for both options, BMI was a consideration for approval. This floored us both! So we decided to do something about it, become healthier, and eliminate a barrier that was within our control.

It all began in January 2023. I hit the scales at 94.3 kg. For many of the guys you see on the shakes, this doesn’t seem all that much, but at only 5’1” this throws my BMI.

We started with small changes like cutting out fast food almost entirely, reducing alcohol massively, and putting more consideration into what we ate. This was as simple as adding salads to our meals instead of pasta or rice. Our snacking changed too. Gone where the family bag of potato chips and in came beef jerky and fruit.

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My Man Shake Routine

I would try to set my The Man Shake routine to 2-hour blocks over the day. Shake at 10 am, snack at noon, shake at 2 pm, snack at 4 pm, and then dinner. My wife and I would get the His & Hers pack. I’d get my staples – Choc Mint and Choc Honeycomb - and she would get two The Lady Shake Coffees.

We brought in more exercise too. We would swim when the weather was nice and signed up to a local gym. It was great being able to do it with my wife as we were supporting each other to get to a shared goal.

Of course, we had our good and bad weeks, everyone does. Some days it was harder to pull ourselves up and keep going especially after a weigh-in we weren’t as happy with or when my shift work would move things around. As you can imagine, with the stakes at play we had this personal pressure to hit the goal weight.

I never let life beat me

Personally, I had other challenges making it harder. I have several medical issues, including cerebral palsy, so exercising and movement is a little bit harder. But I REFUSED to let these become my excuses.

As of November 2023, I am sitting at an amazing 68.2kgs. While I’m writing this we are still working on getting our family together but we can proudly say that BMI is no longer something we need to consider. In the meantime, next year I’m turning 34 and I plan on getting back into playing rugby leave. It’s been several years since I’ve been on the field but, as I’m fitter now than I have ever been, I cannot wait to run out there.

I didn’t know I could feel so good in myself!