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Michael Refused To Hide From Himself Any Longer, So He Lost 34kg


Hi all.
I’m Michael and I’ve lost 34kg thanks to The Man Shake.

Before I start, I just want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to share my story with the community. I'm happy to shout the praise of 'The Man Shake' products to anyone who will listen.

"My wife and two boys did not deserve this"
I spent years lying to my family and myself. I said that I would do something about my weight but I never did. There were factors that would rear their head and force me to confront my lies. Any time I had an event coming up I would need to buy new clothes and I hit my limit when I peaked at 4XL. Nothing would look good on me and I hated it. So instead of heading to my mate’s birthday dinner or the Christmas party, I would just stay home.
It wasn’t until I went to the doctor, which sadly was becoming more and more frequent, to get blood work done that I realised that I couldn’t hide from myself any longer.
I was a 129kg 42-year-old guy with a fast track to diabetes or an early grave.
My wife and two boys did not deserve this.

I knew I was too heavy to go run around the block and I’d never really been a fan of gyms. Honestly, my joints were having trouble getting out of bed. As a result, in the early stages of my journey, I barely exercised. I would do the occasional walk where I would hit 6-10k steps. I do believe the old saying you can't out train a poor diet to be true. So I concentrated on what was going in my mouth. 
The first thing to go was alcohol, coffee, and chocolate. Many guys will argue that you can have these things in your journey if done with moderation but I thought I wouldn’t have gotten this big if I knew how. It’s hard to say it out loud, but by all definitions, I would have considered myself an alcoholic with a coffee problem. I was averaging two cartons of beer and a bottle of spirits a fortnight, at least four or five coffees a day (two heaped teaspoons of sugar in each) and all the usual takeaway suspects along for the ride.

"With the bad gone, the good could flourish"
I would start my day with a Man Shake for breakfast. As you can imagine, I was missing coffee. So I went with the standard, or “OG”, coffee. Thanks to the recommendations from The Man Shakers Community Group I would add more water than the suggested amount. Around 500-550mls with a good handful of ice would do the job. Later for Morning Tea, I would have a Man Bar or a piece of fruit. Before you know it it's lunch and with an eye on the finish line I was sticking as close to possible to the two shakes-a-day plan. Caramel was the weapon of choice for the afternoon with another piece of fruit, yogurt, or carrot sticks with hummus for Afternoon Tea. For Dinner, in my mind, I'd done the hard work during the day so no point undoing that aiming for a small portion of protein and veggies (crispy skin salmon is a favourite). I was surprised how I was staying full.

With shift work hours ranging from 3:30 am starts to 11:30 pm finishes, the coffee shake was a lifesaver. Unlike The Man Shake GO, the Coffee doesn’t have the caffeine hit but the taste was able to trick my brain and keep me kicking (without all the sugar). I found a good mix is to add a scoop of Choc Super Greens to the coffee. Choc Honeycomb Crunch would also sneak into the rotation occasionally.

"It's given me back my life and my confidence"
It didn't take long for the scales to start moving. Six weeks in and I had dropped 10kg!
It was time to bring exercise in. I ramped up the walks to hikes with stairs. Where possible, I began riding my bike to work about once or twice a week. Drives to pick up the kids from school became walks with their bikes and instead. I would skip the elevator at work and take the stairs. Lots of little changes were starting to make big differences, my family started to notice. Then my work colleagues started to notice too. Also, the money I was saving from not drinking booze was insane! So I put it towards new clothes & a new bike. This only fuelled my desire to keep going!

I've now lost 34kg in 21 weeks and have no interest in going back to that old life.
I still have more to do I'm realising I always will but with my final goal within reach, I can't wait to see where I will be another 21 weeks from now.

Since using The Man Shake and shedding the weight, I feel amazing!
It's given me back my life and my confidence. I no longer hurt getting out of bed and have the energy to play with my kids. There will not be missed social events in my calendar any more.

If I was to share any words of inspiration it would simply be - You won't regret it!
It works, it tastes good and if I can do it anyone can.
Regain your self-confidence and start enjoying life again.
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