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Matt wanted to be a good example for his kids so he lost 19kg!


My name is Matt, I'm 39 years old located in Langwarrin Victoria and to date, I've lost 19.7kg

I have always been very active but when it came to food I just made bad choices. Eating junk before grabbing something healthy and the weight just started to pack on.

I started out a new job site as I work in construction, I was driving a long distance to out at Geelong I was sitting in the car driving home and just felt uncomfortable in my own skin and looked down at my stomach.

Over the crazy amount of lockdowns we have had in Victoria it was more beers every night and after dinner of a night sitting down on the couch and getting stuck into the lollies and chocolate.

I have 3 young kids and want to be a good example for them, seeing me eat garbage all the time I didn’t want them to think that’s what they should eat.

It just hit me and I thought these habits have to change right now.

The Man Shake popped up on my Facebook and I started reading the reviews and thought well it’s worth a try.

I went down the local shops and got myself a bag to try out, the taste was amazing and I was very surprised at how different they were to the others on the market that is always very watery.

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I started walking daily and working out 5 days a week and two Man Shake's a day with healthy snacks and a healthy dinner.

Even after dropping 5kg I just found myself feeling more Energetic and everything felt like it didn’t take as much effort to do, when putting on a pair of pants that were tight and now are falling off is a great feeling

I think the biggest hurdle I had was saying no to my Neighbour when he would message me of a night and see if I wanted a beer.

As much as I wanted one I knew I had to be strong at the start otherwise things just wouldn’t change, now I can enjoy a couple of beers on the weekend and not overindulge.

The Man Shake just becomes a routine and part of my daily life, it really is that easy.

I have two plastic containers that I have my two scoops of Man shake in that I take to work with me. Being a tradie it just took the hassle out of thinking about what I needed to take to work early in the morning it was already there sitting in the cupboard ready to go, found it great that it would keep me feeling full and not hungry.

I have recommended the Man Shake to heaps of people now just because of how easy it really is and the results speak for themselves, when people see that how I have lost the weight it really makes them think why not give it a try.

I will definitely continue the shakes as part of my daily routine and life now to maintain my weight loss, and they're just bloody Tasty!

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Just give it a go!

Don’t say to yourself I’ll give it a go next week or next month do it now don’t make excuses anymore and keep putting it off because that’s exactly how you get yourself in this position in the first place.

What have you got to lose really if you can take this shake and be a slimmer and healthy version of yourself why not take the risk?