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Matt took the first step and lost 21kg!


Matt Coombs, Boorowa NSW

I hit 40 and began to get just too comfortable with being larger. I found myself dealing with stress with too much food and too many beers and I also have a family history of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Pairing that with a chronic lower back injury carrying all that extra weight was leading me down a very worrying road healthwise.

A big turning point for me was not being able to find a photo from the last few family holidays or pictures generally that I really liked of myself each one showed how heavy I had really gotten, also that my clothing sizes had now all changed to XXL and were beginning to need larger.

I had tried many other diets and the gym but nothing ever stuck, I would lose some weight but put on more eventually and become disheartened and give up.

Honestly one day I just decided that for myself my wife, and my kids that I had to make a drastic change to be healthy and be around my family and friends for a long long time.

Once I started The Man Shake program as the weight dropped my confidence grew and it really did become very easy to maintain the new changes and routine.

Regular trips to my doctor and blood tests also showed amazing positive changes. My blood pressure has dropped by 30 points and I now no longer need my cholesterol medication.

My lower back issues have been helped dramatically by my weight loss now that I am not carrying around 21 extra kilos with everything I do. I even started watching adam’s videos on youtube and decided on the manshake just to give it a go as others I had seen had had amazing results.

The biggest difference for me after losing my weight is so much more confidence and self-esteem. The best part has been being able to get rid of all my XXL clothing and pick anything out of my wardrobe and know that it is going to fit.


I have so much more energy to be able to enjoy family life, the changes to my blood pressure cholesterol and blood work have amazed my Dr so it is an understatement that he is extremely happy.

As a shift worker, I find the shakes and bars are super easy to take and I know that I am set for the day. My friends have seen the amazing positive changes in my life and a couple have started their own man and lady shake journey.

I would highly recommend the manshake to anybody wanting to change their lives for the better.

I have adopted the shakes as part of my daily life going forward and will continue on them as a beneficial tool to maintain my health and weight loss. It really is so easy and has so many benefits.

If anyone out there is thinking of starting the manshake all I can say is it will change your life!

If you want to feel great be more confident and just be the best version of yourself don’t wait start today!