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Mathews life changing transformation losing 76kg!


Mathew, 25, from Cobargo NSW.

A Brief Background

I've been battling my weight since a young age. I was constantly trying to lose weight throughout my teens but I had no idea about nutrition or any self-control. I was never fully committing myself to it and I always ended up giving up.

The turning point for me came when I had to start weighing myself on an industrial scale because I was too big for normal home scales. Seeing 180kg pop up on the scales made my heart drop, and I knew if I didn't change in a big way I was going to eat myself into an early grave.

Getting Started

I heard of The Man Shake on social media and decided to give it a go. I've tried multiple fad diets and weight loss shakes in the past without success. I just couldn't commit myself to them and ended up falling back into my old ways.

After starting the shakes, I actually found it was quite easy to fit them into my daily life. Being a truck driver, they actually suit my lifestyle. Being able to just spend a couple of minutes in the morning making both my breakfast and lunch before heading off makes a world of difference. Chocolate is definitely my go-to flavour.

Everything about my lifestyle has now changed. Instead of driving to work I've started riding my bike, instead of sleeping in of a weekend I've started waking up early and going for a walk. I stopped eating all take out and fast food, and found that the way I look at food has changed. Ultimately, I just started looking out for myself and trying to be as consistent as I could. It's done wonders for me.

I feel fantastic now I've lost the weight. Mentally and physically, I have so much more energy and I love getting out and experiencing different things. I'm much more willing to give things a go than I ever have before and my weight no longer holds me back. Buying nice clothes and not having to head straight for the "Big Fella" section, being able to play with my nephews and nieces without being hunched over out of breath every couple minutes, all the small things really do add up.

My biggest roadblock to losing weight has always been my self-belief. Having tried unsuccessfully so many times before, I built up in my head that I was just meant to fail and be fat forever. But then I found The Man Shake and started taking things one day at a time. Before I knew it 1, 2, 3 months had passed and I was still committed. Something just clicked in my head. You really can achieve whatever you want in life if you are willing to put the hard work in.

What would you say to anyone starting out?

You will not regret this. You will feel better and your life WILL get better. Nothing can be worse than how you are feeling right now, right? If you put the effort in you will be rewarded in good health mentally and physically. Go for it and never look back.

Update on your progress

I'm 103.4kg as of 6 am this morning. Bringing my total kg's lost to 76.6kg!

It's unreal how good I feel! 3.5kg till I reach (what I thought to be unachievable at the time) the goal I set 18 months ago when I decided to actually have a crack at a healthier, happier life!

I'm stronger than I have ever been, fitter than I have ever been, but most of all, THE HAPPIEST I have ever been!

The struggle, the hard times, the times where it never seems like you will make it but you keep on pushing. You don't realize at the moment but they are the building blocks to your best self!

Keep on pushing fellas. Give it everything you got 👊💪