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Mark lost 10kg after being stuck for so long.


Mark McCudden, 39 from Mt Eliza

I did state athletics as a kid, played pretty high standard Aussie rules for Wangaratta Rovers and District Cricket for Melbourne CC. Long story short I was always fit, fast & my health or weight was the last worry I had. I moved to the UK in 2006 but importantly gave up cigarettes for the first time in 13 years (started at 13). I put on 30kg whilst living in the UK. I drank a lot more, drank cider ate whatever I wanted, and too much.

I found Adam's podcast "The Health Hacker" and I starting meditating immediately after listening to Paul & Tammy Roos’ episode. I went back to episode 1 and I aligned so much of what I believe as a person and who I want to be (someone who helps people) - in particular the dad I want to be.

Before I knew it I was 108kg on my wedding day. I tried in vain to lose significant weight, until I found intermittent fasting. I did the 16-8 diet (lifestyle) I stopped drinking more than 1-3 drinks a week, I then lost 10-12kg. I couldn’t lose more. I used to work significantly long hours as a Finance Manager, often getting only 2-3 hours of sleep. I was increasingly stressed due to work, having a young family, and life in general which led me to bad choices.

I lost another 8-9kg within 6 weeks by sleeping more, sleeping better, being less stressed and I started The Man Shake as my first meal and here I am.
Now I want everyone I know to make better life choices like Adam helped me to. I first listened to an audiobook called “no excuse guide to success” by Jim Smith when I wanted to become a better listener at work.

This was a life-changing decision. The book teaches you never to make excuses and to own your responsibilities at every step. Literally weeks after I heard an ad for Adam’s podcast & because I was in such a frame of mind I dived into Adam’s podcast as fast as I could l!

Mark has lost a total of 10kg listening to the podcast and using The Man Shake

I went from 95kg to 85kg in about two months. I have sustained this since and bang on about Adam constantly at parties and to my family.
I needed to lose the weight for good so I can be the best person I can be and I want to be the best father I can be. For me, the biggest thing now is that I want to change people’s lives for the better - as many people as I can.

Now I've lost the weight my energy levels have dramatically improved and I have the knowledge to overcome any hurdle/obstacle.
My biggest roadblocks were booze, sleep & stress. Meditation was the key thing that made me sleep easier & better along with the knowledge of how important sleep was (the science on sleep Adam shares). Stress dissipated after a good sleep and then the decision to drink far less was easy.

I'll continue to use The Man Shake along with 16-8 fasting diet it’s my life now!

Honestly listen to the health hacker and understand the science and why everything is important and why things have the effects on your body and mind that they do - both positive and negative. Then start the 16-8 diet. Or a lesser version.
Commit to this diet for 90 days, (because ... after 61 days it becomes a habit right) Use the man shake as your first or second meal done!