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Mal Got A Scare From His Doctor And Made A Healthy Change


Mal Sanderson, 54 from Brisbane. 

Why did you start on The Man Shake?

I had been to the doctors for a general checkup, and they told me that I had high cholesterol, high uric acid and that gout was just around the corner along with other weight associated health issues.  I decided to do something about it and had looked at different diets and alternatives in the chemist but felt that The Man Shake was more beneficial to what I was trying to do - losing my gut.  The community support and menu ideas helped me stick to the new regime.

What other methods had you tried to lose weight before turning to The Man Shake? 

I had tried shakes from the chemist and also doing many fad diets which I could never stick too.  The alternative shake products never kept me full, and the flavours didn't appeal to me.

I'm more agile, which helps as I'm a painter.  I also have more energy and feel fitter.  I now don't have any issues with the cholesterol and uric acid - they are entirely within normal range.  I feel better in my mental wellbeing and feel great about looking in the mirror.

IT WORKS!!!  The product is specifically aimed at men and where they put weight on the gut.  You can still have a pizza and a beer on your cheat night using Adam's recipe.