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Lloyd put his health first and lost 41kg!


My Name is Lloyd Bond and I'm from Maryborough Victoria.

I own a cafe/restaurant and most of the time I'm cooking in the kitchen. Like most people, the stress of work and everyday life can often get on top of you and for me this led to binge eating and mostly eating crap. My days would start by drinking a giant energy drink, skipping lunch and by 3pm I would help myself to sweets in the cake cabinet and dinner most nights would be something quick and easy (take away) because I had no energy to cook. My weight was going up and up and my mental & physical health was going down to the point that depression was taking over and considered ending my life. After seeking some help and a long emotional chat with my wife we knew something needed to change.

I had never heard of The Man Shake but like fate, it popped up on my Facebook and I decided to check it out. After seeing so many guys getting amazing results, I thought I’d give it a go.

My starting weight was 142.4kg on the 1st of Jan 2019 and my Man Shake journey was just about to start. I have always been a big guy and have been on plenty of different diets & fads over the years but for the first time the man shake was different. Diets I’ve been on in the past left me feeling hungry and my sugar cravings would always get the better of me, but I found with the man shake it was like drinking a milkshake which felt like cheating and helped cut my sugar cravings. Within a couple of weeks, I felt great, had so much more energy and felt so much more motivation to keep going.

I now start my days having a man shake for breakfast, a healthy snack mid-morning, a man shake for lunch and a healthy dinner that night which I find I really enjoy and works great with my busy lifestyle. Having my snacks and shakes ready to go means I never miss a meal and it’s great knowing I’m feeding myself and my family with a healthy dinner. One day a week I have a cheat meal whether it’s going out for dinner with the family or maybe a burger or pizza but I always wake up the next day and get back into my man shake routine.

Lloyd has now lost 41kg with The Man Shake

My biggest roadblock has always been my mind, being in the wrong headspace would always lead to comfort food and sweets. I overcame this by making more time for myself - I set myself little goals & instead of sitting in front of the tv I decided to put the headphones in and go for a walk each night for about an hour. I found this really cleared my mind, relieved the stress of the day and each day was getting easier and the weight was coming off. Joining the Man Shake Men Facebook page was also a great help, it was all guys just like me trying to better themselves and our weight loss helped motivate each other.

I've now been on the man shake for close to a year and so far I have lost 41kg and feel amazing. I have so much more energy now, my physical and mental health is the best it’s ever been and the aches and pains I use to wake up with are gone. I am so much happier now and having the energy to play with my 2-year-old son has made a world of difference.

Almost every day I bump into someone I know and always get so many compliments and praise for losing the weight and it’s such a great feeling and also helps motivate me to keep on improving myself.

The Man Shake for me has been a game-changer. Because I spend every day cooking in the kitchen, cooking can feel like work so having my breakfast & lunch sorted each day makes everything so much easier. I don’t have to worry and know I’m still getting the vitamins & nutrition my body needs.

The Road Ahead...

I would recommend the man shake to anyone with a busy lifestyle for the convenience of having something ready to go when you need it.

The Man Shake to me isn’t a diet but a lifestyle change and a lifestyle I don’t plan on changing anytime soon. To anyone starting this program, keep yourself focused on your goals, take the time to better yourself, even if it’s just making little differences, and know that you all have the power to make the changes you want in your life.