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Les had to lose weight or lose his leg


Les, 54, Shepparton Victoria

How I Got Here

Being ex-army, I was always fighting fit. It wasn't until I left the army that it all went downhill and I began to gain weight. I worked numerous jobs at this time and never really realised how much weight I was gaining.

It wasn't until my doctor diagnosed me with cellulitis and said I would lose my leg that I realised I had to do something about it. I was 195kg and I was at high risk of diabetes.

Getting Started

I had tried rapid weight loss plans in the past, but I found I was always hungry on them. An army friend of mine was using The Man Shake and had lost a heap of weight, so I knew if he could do it I could too.

I started on The Man Shake and quickly found it kept me full a lot longer than other shakes. I was having one for breakfast and one for lunch, and it kept me full right through to dinner. My biggest hurdle has always been eating a breakfast that keeps me full, so Man Shake has been great for that.

In my job, it's quite easy to fall into the junk food trap, and because you spend a lot of the day sitting you tend to binge on food. I've found the Man Shake is really good for satisfying those cravings.

So far, Les has lost 55kg with The Man Shake

Having lost 52kg so far, I feel like I have a lot more energy and I don't feel anywhere near as tired. People are always saying to me how good I look, and that has given me the motivation to continue losing weight. Clothes that used to be tight are now loose on me too, and I don't feel like I'm about to explode anymore.

I currently weigh 140kg, so I would like to lose another 33kg to get to my goal weight of 110kg.

If Someone Is Out There Thinking Of Starting, What Would You Say To Them?

If someone wants to lose weight, I would highly recommend they try this product. I've recommended the Man Shake to at least 5 other people, and I just want to say thank you to The Man Shake for making me healthy again.