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Kris avoided family photos until he lost 13kg


My name is Kris and I'm 36, from Noarlunga in SA.

We had our 4 kids all close together in age, so we started to lead a pretty busy life. From my wife's pregnancy cravings and us both overeating at the time through to the "I can't be bothered cooking" phase we would have more takeaway as a result. My wife and I would eat all the same stuff so it impacted us both over the years. 

My wife would always try to walk the kids to school as much as she could to burn off some calories and I didn't get the time to do it initially. 

I initially found myself trying to not look fat in every photo I was in, being conscious of how I would look in the photo, and always looking back at photos with my kids and feeling like crap with how I was looking.

I ended up not being in a bunch of photos because I just ended up looking fat in every single photo so I would just take pictures of my kids instead for the memories.

I tried to do my own calorie counting but even my small meals were probably several hundred calories higher than they should have been. I was also trying to do a bit of exercise but always lost motivation for both of these pretty quickly. When you are in the early weight loss phase, it's so much harder to have to think about everything that goes into your body.

With 4 young kids at home, I want to be able to keep up with them. I'd let myself go enough that I didn't feel I could provide what my kids needed from their father. And I wanted to be able to go to the shop, pick up clothing in my size and just know it would look good because it's my size.

Kris 2.webp

Once I decided to take the first step I did a ton of research, read a heap of reviews and they were all positive. I figured I had nothing to lose except the weight. 

I found "The Man Shakers Facebook page" and decided to join to see what the go was with the man shake. After reading a bunch of posts in there and seeing all the progress pictures from the guys, it was on for me.

I work the night shift, and it's so easy to just grab chips and chocolate on break from the vending machine and not give it a second thought. And a couple of hours later I'd be craving more junk. Do that 5 times a week and we all know how that ends up. My job is sitting on machinery for 6+ hours a night so I'm hardly burning off all the junk I'm eating every night.

To date, I've lost 13.5kg using The Man Shake.

I've got so much more energy. I am much more active with my kids, walking them to and from school and walking with them to the shop for fun and not as a chore. And just going for walks for some fresh air and because I want to. Now when I need to grab a couple of small things from the shop, instead of jumping in the car, I'll do a few KM round trip walk to and from the shop as I enjoy doing it now.

I feel great in every photo I take and it's now only a small afterthought from time to time about how I am going to look in a photo. All my clothes are so easy to buy now, generally, if it is my size, they will fit perfectly.

Working nights, I was able to take a combo of the man shake, bar and fuel with me to work and pretty much eliminate the midnight munchies. I would have a shake and several hours later was still feeling satisfied. I just needed to get through my breaks at work when I had the chance to eat without eating all the junk and that would see me through until I got home. 

I'd get up just before lunch and have a shake and that would easily see me through for another solid few hours. By the time I get to dinner, I would be in the mindset that I've done so well all day that it would make me conscious of what and how much I would eat for dinner. 

The guide along with the Facebook group was a massive help in getting my head around the entire thing.

The Man Shake takes all the stress out of weight loss. 

There's no uncertainty when it comes to weight loss. You get some good-tasting shakes, some great snacks, and a lot of information as soon as you open your delivery. 

If you give it 100% dedication, you get everything you need to make the journey as easy as possible. Weight loss generally isn't easy, there's no magic pill that healthily shreds the fat, but the man shake is as good as it gets for losing weight.

I still want to lose a little more to get to a comfortable level. Once I hit that good level, I will continue having the shake at work overnight. And continue my mix of bars and man fuel for snacks. My lunch would then just become a small healthy meal followed by a healthy dinner. 

I feel the man shake and the snacks as a consistent thing are then only a small portion of my day but then gives me a little freedom for those events, birthdays, etc that sneak up on you so you can still live your life a little more guilt-free, but know the man shake has your back to keep you pretty well under control

The man shakers Facebook page is a huge source of inspiration. Join it before you even start your journey and have a good browse through it. 

There are so many guys on there that have smashed their goals along with a bunch of guys who are a little more relaxed about their weight loss approach who are happy with a longer-term plan - and they usually all share amazing advice and tips.

It pays for itself, I would normally spend more on junk food.

Read the guide that comes with your first order and use it to plan your routine, but don't make the mistake of thinking you can just cut everything bad out of your life as it may be great for short term loss but you are way less likely to stick to it long term.

The Man Shake lifestyle works a little differently to make it long-term. 

Make yourself a solid meal and snack plan and make sure it includes a few small treats that you enjoy. Account for a day that might have a nice ice cream you like, or chuck in a treat meal at the end of the week - smash the entire week and know when you get to the end of the week you can treat yourself with a nice meal. 

This is amazing motivation to go harder and stricter each week with your plan when you know you have that coming your way.