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Kevin wiped off 15kg with ease


Kevin Piper 63, Engadine

For the majority of my life, I prided myself on my level of fitness for years, playing touch footy and high-level competition Indoor Cricket.

You could also find me regularly riding a mountain bike but around August 2016, while I was riding I came off, knocking myself out and snapping my patella in two. When I regained consciousness as a typical male, thinking nothing was wrong with me I used my bike as a frame to help me walk home but was straight in for emergency surgery the next day.

It turns out I broke my kneecap from the bike accident and that caused me to stop all forms of sport, and exercise, including walking.

Prior to the accident, I was at 90kg. I am a regular beer drinker and would eat anything put in front of me and because I wasn't being active I started to balloon out.

In August last year, I weighed in at 107kg and my son told me in no uncertain terms, that I had become fat and lazy and he suggested I try The Man Shake. Others had spoken to me regarding my weight and suggested other means, including exercise, which I snubbed.

It was when my son said he wanted me to be around a few more years, that I decided to try The Man Shake.

I was apprehensive at first, I suppose with everything new, and being stuck in a routine, where I was getting too comfortable with doing nothing. Once I started on The Man Shake, I found it quite tasty and surprisingly easy to drink.

I had not tried other methods to lose weight, prior to using The Man Shake, and heard conflicting reports about other protein-based items, so The Man Shake it was.

Kevin has lost a total of 15kg using The Man Shake

"I now see this as a permanent part of my daily routine"

I would say the biggest difference now I have lost this weight is my health. I find I am able to do things with a lot less effort, and, being asthmatic, the weight loss has also helped lessen the effects of my condition. For me, The Man Shake is my breakfast replacement, and, after the initial two or three weeks of adjusting to how my food intake altered, I now see this as a permanent part of my daily routine.

I would say to anyone starting off to be mindful the first two weeks of adjusting is the hardest to push through the feelings of hunger, but stick at it, and the results will speak for themselves.

I am currently at 92kg and would like to be at 88kg. It is important that I get back to some form of relative fitness to remain healthy for my wife and also my grandchildren as I want to see them grow into adults. I have seen so many unhealthy friends end up with poor health conditions, solely because they don't exercise, and I don't want to be like that.