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Kerry lost 40kg at 68 years young!


Kerry Thomas, I am 68 and have recently been living in Bundaberg.

Over the years through living away from home and laziness I developed a habit of eating takeout meals for most meals. I never really noticed the weight gain or how hard it was to even go for a walk as I found excuses not too.

October 1st 2020 I stood on the scales at home and thought my wife Sharon was playing a joke on me by putting her foot on the scales, I turned around and realised it was all me, it horrified me. So that day I took my dog Glen for a walk and struggled to make 1/2 hour.

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So then after trying and failing over the years with every diet known to man realised I needed something I was comfortable with.

I had read about The Man Shake online and it seemed to fit the bill for me to be able to stick to it.

So far I have lost 40+ kgs and am targeting 50 as my goal weight.

I have coupled it with a 16~8 intermittent eating pattern and later added The Man Bars as a snack and after 9 months I am still going strong. I went from walking the dog for 1/2 an hour 4 times a week to 1 hr plus every day.

Initially I struggled with going to the shop for bread and milk and not buying a couple of dimmies and a pie to keep me going but soon worked it out when the weight started to come off.

Sharon and I are on the road to permanently and through losing the weight I find I can go up the lookouts, waterfalls and any other thing we choose to do.

I am now no longer scared of being in a photo which is a pleasant surprise, I will continue to use the Man Shake as a meal replacement for a long while to come. It fits in perfectly with my lifestyle at present.
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