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Kaleb turned his life around and lost 37kgs!


Hi, my name is Kaleb and I’ve lost 37 kgs with the help of the Man Shake.

I first started The Man Shake because I’ve been battling with my weight for years, honestly ever since I was a kid. It was something I always tried to get under control, but I struggled and never could. I weighed in at over 155kgs when I realised I really needed to make a change. I say ‘over 155kgs’ because my scales stop at 155kgs, and I lost count after that.

When I heard about The Man Shake, I figured, why not! I’ll give it a crack. And much to my surprise, the shakes actually worked! The hardest step that I found was the first one. It was a challenge sticking to it, but now that I’ve taken the first step, the possibilities of what I can achieve are endless.

I’ve heard “the possibilities of what I can achieve are endless” for most of my life. And The Man Shakes have helped me realise that it’s not just something people say to make you feel better, it’s actually the truth!


To make sure I stuck to The Man Shake diet, I had to stick to a routine. Instead of my regular meals, I had a tasty shake instead. I found that I was still getting the odd craving or two for a snack, and when I did, I would always turn to a Man Bar. The shakes honestly do fill you up, and the bars pretty much satisfy all my snack cravings throughout the day.

My favourite shake flavours so far have been banana, choc honeycomb, choc mint and vanilla. My favourite Man Bar flavour so far is choc mint, but I’m pretty keen to try other flavours soon!

I also found that working a physical job was something I needed to do with my routine, and my new job and new diet were key in getting me where I am today. I couldn’t be happier with myself for the changes I’ve made.

I feel so much lighter since I started The Man Shake. I didn’t realise how much lighter until I tried to lift something that equated to the same amount of weight I’d lost (37kgs). Doing that was a workout within itself!

I’m also feeling better about my figure, my posture, and my general mental and physical wellbeing. I’m currently 118kgs, and it’s a lot easier to do the things I’ve wanted to do in the past, but couldn’t because of my weight and the physical restrictions that came with being so heavy.

The doors that have opened for me since starting The Man Shake are incredible, and even though I still have a long way to go, everyone who needs to lose weight needs to give The Man Shake a try! You won’t regret it, I know I don’t!