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Kadin realised his confidence was crashing and had to change.


I'm Kadin Reardon, 27 years old, from Hamilton, NZ.
How I Got Here.
Since turning 18 like most guys I found I always enjoyed a beer or 6. Especially when the NRL was on, I just loved drinking during it.. cricket as well. So after a while, I found myself drinking 4 or so times a week. Generally 8 beers or more each night so I naturally packed on the weight, then the next day resorted to junk food to 'cure the hangover'.
I found myself at 94kgs and only being 169cm tall, looking at myself in the mirror wasn't a good feeling. Also, comments here and there on my weight didn't sit right with me. My confidence was suffering and I wanted to be comfortable with myself again.
To date, I have lost around 20kg using The Man Shake.
How I did it.
I started The Man Shake program and tried intermittent fasting with it. I was doing the 16/8 method which I found 10 am to 6 pm a very comfortable time, staying full the whole time.
I found eating nuts/protein bars, The Man Bar and organic corn chips to snack on were awesome. Along with generally meat and steamed Vegetables most nights for dinner. Simple, easy and effective.
Now that I've lost this weight, I find myself a lot happier and that confidence has definitely come back. Giving up the beers/junk food was a lot easier than you'd think because I had my mind so set on reaching my goal.
The road ahead.
I'm gonna keep using The Man Shake to maintain my weight, but more so because the taste is just too good to give up completely! I would highly recommend The Man Shake, so easy to use, the taste is amazing. If you're looking at trying it if you really wanna kick your goals, give it a go.