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Justyn lost 25kg for his family.


Justyn, Brisbane QLD - 41 years old

I've always struggled to be a healthy weight and haven’t really been active for years. working in Sales and not exercising seen my weight climb over a number of years.

I have tried many diets over the years with some allowing me to lose up to 10kgs only to fail as the diet/food etc was unsustainable for my lifestyle and the fact I like food it honestly felt like it was a struggle to maintain the change of lifestyle and foods particular diets required.

This led me to skip meals or have cheat meals due to lack of time or care etc

My wife is a nurse and encouraged me to try to lose some weight however the kegs continued to creep up to 127.9kgs. My blood pressure was borderline high and cholesterol was also nearing high range, I knew I had to do something.

Being a father and husband it's important to improve my health and well being, most importantly I wanted to see my girls grow up with their Dad being around and be able to be active.
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To date I have lost 25kg using The Man Shake.

The initial few weeks were the hardest particularly the 1st week due to sugar crash - my diet prior to TMS consisted of treating myself with sweets too often and when I switched over it was a hard 1st week - of course, there have been times over the last 18 months I have had days of breaking the diet and I just remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and get back on the plan.

TMS was perfect for my work/life balance prior to Covid my job required flying a lot and being on the road in sales generally means lots of fast foods and bad habits, with TMS I can take the shaker with me and Water is readily available anywhere so meals on the go were simple and easy - generally I would then just have anything I wanted for dinner in moderation and would still lose weight.

Now that I've lost weight it's nice to actually find clothes in regular clothing stores that kind of makes you feel normal again. I’m still overweight but I’m feeling great and take the next step in my journey by going to the gym 2-3 times per week.

I’m genuinely feeling great and still able to have a pizza or beer if I want. The best part is my blood pressure and blood levels are well within the normal ranges which makes me feel great about myself.

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If you find preparing multiple menus to stick to a diet hard then TMS is for you, breakfast and lunch can be made in seconds and you don’t have to overthink it too much just shake and go - snack between meals on fruit and healthy snacks you will lose weight it’s so simple.

I still have another 10kgs to go so I will continue to have shakes 2 times per day most days and continue at the gym - I don’t see myself stopping the man shake ever - likely I will have it for breakfast forever as plenty of flavour combinations/options.

Stop making excuses and go for it - once you see the kgs fall it will motivate you to continue as it’s really easy to follow and you can still have your cheat meals so what have you got to lose other than excess weight.

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