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Jure's son started walking and knew he had to keep up.


Jurè Družijanić, 40, from Kurujang Victoria.

How I Got Here

Over the last year, I started to realise that I wasn't feeling so good. It kind of built up over time but I felt slow and couldn't walk a lot even when I wanted to. My mood started changing and I became more negative and miserable, I was eating a lot of chocolates and chips after dinner in front of the TV.

Getting Started

I have two little kids - 9yrs Matea and 14months old Ante, and i know they need to grow up with strong and healthy Dad. I want to be around to spend time with them and don't want to disappoint them.
When Ante my son was starting to walk I couldn't imagine myself being able to keep up with him and it got me thinking that I had to change the way I was living. It was almost like a sign as I was driving to work not long after and heard Adam on the radio talking about The Man Shake.
When I started I decided to change my mindset and think differently. Whenever I wanted to eat something unhealthy I look in my kids and say to myself, they need me, don't do it.
Jure lost a total of 29kg using The Man Shake.

The Road Ahead

Now I have lost the weight I feel much more positive, I'm full of energy and my confidence has grown. Now I'm more active and started walking a lot more, even playing soccer (which I didn't play for 8-9 years).

The best part is buying normal size clothes size L or XL, instead of XXXL.

I'm a better person to my family and I'm playing more with my kids instead of laying on the couch and watching TV and eating crap food.

I'm really looking forward to the future with my family and health.