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Joshua Wakes Up With Confidence After Losing 15kg


My name is Joshua, I’m 31 years old from Cranbourne West in Victoria. Since starting The Man Shake at the end of March I’ve lost 15kg!

I had always been quite active and pretty slim when I was younger but in my early to mid-twenties I had somethings going on in my life which led to anxiety and depression. That in turn led to me to hit the beers pretty hard and not eat properly.

The moment I decided I needed to take that first step to lose weight was when stepped on the scales and had hit over 100kg. My whole adult life I had been 80-85kg and it really upset me that I was in triple digits.

Losing the extra weight is important to me because it gives me self confidence which I had lost a few years ago.

I found The Man Shake from an ad on Facebook and also one of the boys at work was doing it. I tried a few other things to lose weight before trying the Man Shake. I tried meal prepping my breakfast and lunches but always found I lost interest after a couple of weeks.

I really notice the changes in the way my body is looking and changing and I have so much more self-confidence these days since losing the weight. The biggest thing stopping me from losing weight was my alcohol intake and constant overeating. Overcoming it was tough but this year with Covid-19 and being in lockdown I knew I had to do something and this was a great time to start.

The Man Shake fits into my day perfectly. Perfect breakfast on the way to work and an awesome lunch. I would recommend The Man Shake to all of my mates because who wouldn’t want to have a chocolate shake for breakfast or lunch. It also keeps you full until your next meal.

I will 100% be continuing with the Man Shake to maintain my weight. I don’t think I will ever get sick of how good the chocolate flavour Man Shake tastes. Just go for it! It’s super affordable and tastes great and the results really speak for themselves!