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Josh wanted to run around with his kids, so he lost 53kgs!


Hi, my name is Josh, and I’ve lost 53kgs with the help of The Man Shake.

I’m a Newcastle-based dad with four young children and a lovely, supportive wife.

I’ve always struggled with poor self-control and impulse control issues with my food intake due to receiving an ADHD and Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. I felt the pressures of myself, and also from my family, as all my children have ASD and ADHD, which has been extremely challenging and emotional to navigate. Two of my children have experienced health issues, and because of this, my health was definitely not a priority.

In August of 2022, my wife and I made the decision for me to have gastrectomy sleeve surgery, which although not for everyone has been life-saving in my weight loss journey.

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After the surgery, I joined The Man Shakers Facebook page, and seeing all the support given by like-minded guys on there I was so motivated to try it out. I started listening to The Man Shake Podcast and Ashley (aka That Fat Guy on YouTube) on Facebook and decided to jump on The Man Shake.

As of today, I’ve lost 53kgs and have hit the double digits for the first time in 15 years. The support from The Man Shake and the guys on the Facebook page has been unreal and so encouraging when things were tough.

After using The Man Shake in conjunction with weight loss surgery, I feel 100 times better. I don’t experience back and knee pain anymore, and have greatly improved cardio which is awesome so I can run around with my kids again.

Now being in the under-a-hundred club with The Man Shake, my favourite flavours are Chocolate and Choc Mint, as I’ve still got a super sweet tooth even after the surgery!

The best advice I could share with the guys on The Man Shake right now is to have realistic expectations of your goals. With my ADHD and Autism, I found it really hard to have a consistent routine so it’s been a challenging road. The majority of the guys you see on the Facebook page are losing massive numbers in a short period of time and usually have a lot more [weight] to lose. Take it one day at a time because weight loss is a massive mind game.